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Cape May Brewing Co. Celebrates Barrel Aged Beer Day - October 7

Special Tour and Pour
The Skeg
The Skeg

Barrel-Aged Beer Day is Friday, October 7th and Cape May Brewing Co. will be celebrating like the pioneers in barrel-aging that they’ve come to be.

To celebrate the day, beginning at 6pm on October 7th, attendees will get a special barrel-specific tour from their Tasting Room at 1288 Hornet Road in Cape May, hosted by Brewer Mark Graves and Beertender Dan Patela. Those on the tour will get to hear all about the barrel-aging process at CMBC, including how the barrels are used, where they’ve come from, and what they do for the brewing process.

Then, get a sneak peak of one of CMBC’s future barrel-aged releases -- straight from the barrel -- as well as a tasting of their current barrel-aged release: The Skeg.

CMBC has been leading the way in barrel-aging in the South Jersey region, with their new Barrel Aged Series receiving accolades and praise from both fans and esteemed experts alike, including from the nationally-recognized podcast, The Sour Hour, on The Brewing Network and from Beer Connoisseur.

The first release in their Barrel Aged Series -- The Keel -- received a score of 94 from The Beer Connoisseur, with judge Sandy Cockerham enthusiastically praising the brew: “This was a delicious barrel-aged sour ale that had a pleasant sour character that’s mostly lactic in nature, but the slight acetification lent a bit of complexity to the flavor. Definitely worth seeking out.”

The Skeg will be available for purchase in CMBC’s gift shop, The Brewtique, after the tour. Limit three to a customer. For more information, call (609) 849-9933 or see capemaybrewery.com.