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Central Standard Distillery Partners with Hofbräu München for Brewmasters Brandy Series


Central Standard Distillery Partners with Hofbräu München for Newest Release in Brewmasters Brandy Series

Central Standard Distillery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has announced the release of its newest Brewmasters Brandy Series, a partnership with Hofbräu München. Full details are below.

Today, Central Standard Craft Distillery Cofounders Evan Hughes and Pat McQuillan are going global with the unveiling of the next release in the distillery’s Brewmasters Brandy Series. This series is a collaboration with Hofbräu München, the renowned 400+ year-old brewery known for Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival in Munich.

“For our latest Brewmasters-series release, we wanted to make it a truly global collaboration,” Hughes said. “And no better brewery to partner with than Hofbräu München, the top name in German brewing and owner of the most famous beer hall in the world.”

The new beer brandy, which hits retail shelves across the Midwest in a limited supply starting October 1, combines Central Standard’s North Brandy with Hofbräu’s Doppelbock seasonal special Hofbräu Delicator, which is bottled as Hofbräu Winter Spezial and available in six packs in the United States.

The result is a flavorful beer brandy with notes of dark chocolate, cherry and dried fruit. “When I had my very first taste of it, I knew I wanted to bring it to Oktoberfest in Munich and share it with the world,” said Hans Weissgerber, Managing Director of Old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee. “It’s just that good. Combining the heritage of the Hofbräu München Brewery and the hand-crafted spirit of the Central Standard Distillery creates a truly must-try collaboration.”

“The new Hofbräu North Brandy collaboration has something for beer and brandy fans alike,” said Jim Kanter, Chief Commercial Officer of Central Standard Distillery. “Beer lovers will appreciate the roasted caramel malt flavor and subtle beer sweetness,” he said. “Brandy fans will love the bold, rich flavor. It tastes like a cozy Bavarian night.”

The collaboration offered Hughes and Kanter an opportunity to celebrate their hometown and state. “This new beer brandy really embraces the Germanic roots of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Midwest,” said Hughes. “Teaming with Hofbräu München and specifically their Winter Spezial Delicator made the ideal match for our North Brandy.”

The new Beer Brandy sells in 750ml bottles and is priced between $24.99 - $29.99. Only a limited number of bottles are being released. “And, when we’re sold out, we’re sold out,” Kanter added. 

Central Standard: Your Local Midwest Craft Distillery

Central Standard Craft Distillery, a small batch, craft distillery in Milwaukee and the fastest growing top-10 Wisconsin-based distiller, handcrafts award-winning bourbon, whiskey, vodka and gin from locally sourced ingredients. Founded in 2014, Central Standard spirits have won 37 medals across multiple craft distilling categories.

“For us, it’s not about the awards or accolades,” Hughes explained. “It's about making the best-tasting craft spirits with the finest local ingredients that bring to life the outdoors lifestyle of the Midwest.

Central Standard’s portfolio of premium spirits includes Red Cabin Bourbon, Door County Cherry Vodka and North Wisconsin Brandy*. Door County Cherry Vodka is a blend of Central Standard’s award-winning 100% handcrafted vodka infused with Door County cherries, which are mellowed with a touch of local-harvested, fresh honey. North Brandy, which is handmade in small batches and aged for a minimum of two years, is finished in Central Standard bourbon barrels. Red Cabin Bourbon is aged to perfection and then finished in California Cabernet wine barrels. Thanks to the red-wine-barrel-finishing, Red Cabin Bourbon – which won a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits competition in 2019, delivers a complex-yet-approachable taste.

Central Standard Crafthouse & Kitchen: A Must-Visit Milwaukee Destination

In August, Hughes and McQuillan completed a multi-million-dollar project that transformed a formerly vacant three-story, 11,700-square-foot building in downtown Milwaukee into the Central Standard Crafthouse and Kitchen. The distillery’s new home, the first urban distillery and restaurant in the Midwest, boasts a tasting room, tour operation, restaurant, private-events space and rooftop patio. In addition, the renovated building, which was built in 1874 and is one of the oldest in Milwaukee, houses a 100-gallon pot still that will produce all spirits served and sold on site.

About Hofbräu München

Hofbräu München began with a culinary challenge more than 400 years ago: Since he found the beer brewed in his court in Munich to be of poor taste and quality, William V, the Duke of Bavaria, founded the Hofbräuhaus in 1589 – the birthplace of the brewery and gastronomy. The brewing demand outgrew the location in the heart of the city in no time but what’s left is a “must-visit” when in Munich: the “Hofbräuhaus am Platzl”.

Around 1.3 million visitors enjoy the “most famous tavern in the world” every year and 17,000 hectoliters of beer are served in the “Schwemme” (beer hall) and “Bräustüberl” (brewpub) annually.

Today, Hofbräu München is the only Bavarian-State-owned traditional Munich brewery and one of the only 6 Munich breweries that are eligible to pour beer at the famous Oktoberfest. HB beers are known and enjoyed all over the world and especially in the United States.

“Hofbräu München stands for the passionate commitment to the city, its people and the Bavarian lifestyle”, says brewery director Dr. Michael Möller. “Forward thinking, but with feet firmly rooted in Bavarian tradition and brewing craftsmanship: With this recipe we succeed to maintain the Hofbräu brand with its fine beers and further develop it carefully.”