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CERIA Brewing to Expand Distribution of NA Beer through Amazon and Wegmans in January

CERIA Brewing to Expand Distribution of NA Beer through Amazon and Wegmans in January

CERIA Brewing Co. in Arvada, Colorado has announced that it will expand distribution of its popular non-alcoholic beers through Amazon and Wegmans in January 2021. Full details are below.

ARVADA, Colorado – CERIA Brewing Company, makers of the non-alcoholic (NA) craft beer developed in 2020 by Blue Moon creator and former brewmaster Keith Villa, Ph.D., today announced that its Grainwave and Indiewave NA beers is now available online through Amazon, and in-store at Wegmans locations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.  

This expansion, combined with the beers’ existing availability at select Total Wine & More retail locations, and through 26 independent distributors, transforms the company started in the Villa’s pilot brewery near Denver, into a true national brand.  

Online Convenience

CERIA’s craft NA beers are available on Amazon.com nationwide in states where shipment of NA beer is allowed. Customers can place online orders for CERIA’s popular Grainwave NA Belgian-style White Ale and Indiewave NA West Coast IPA. These beers will be available in 12- and 24-pack cases, as well as mixed cases of half Grainwave and half Indiewave; pricing will be comparable to other NA beers on the site. Shipping is free for all Amazon customers, Prime and non-Prime members alike. (https://tinyurl.com/ceriabrewing)

“In this digital age, we look forward to offering the convenience of being just a click away for hundreds of thousands of NA beer drinkers,” said Dr. Villa. “We think Amazon will help us dramatically increase trial. This will lead to increased consumption and awareness, which, in turn, will benefit both our online and in-store sales tremendously.”

In-store Availability in the East 

Wegmans Food Markets offer CERIA’s Grainwave and Indiewave in over 80 stores located in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states through pick-up in-store or curbside, or home delivery. Pricing will be comparable to other NA beers offered by the chain.            

“Wegmans has demonstrated exceptional levels of charitable donations focused on programs promoting healthy eating and activity, which matches perfectly with CERIA’s own corporate mission. We are honored to have been selected as one of its partners in the beverage category,” says Dr. Villa. 

The expanded distribution of the brand is timed to take advantage of January, a month when many U.S. consumers resolve to go dry to improve their physical fitness and health – especially relevant this season considering the current Covid-19 health crisis. 

In 2020, CERIA Brewing Company introduced Grainwave NA, a refreshing, medium-bodied Belgian-Style White Ale, containing only 77 calories, which is brewed with blood orange peel and coriander. It is then dealcoholized to 0.00% alcohol by volume (ABV), which eliminates the alcohol. 

CERIA Indiewave NA, at just 99 calories, is a flavorful West Coast IPA that perfectly balances Cascade, Citra, and Amarillo hops with light caramel malts for a smooth citrusy character, then is dealcoholized also to 0.00% ABV.

Both are about half the calories of comparable alcoholic brews.

Better For You

Non-Alcoholic (NA) craft beer is experiencing growth in the U.S. as beer drinkers realize it offers the great taste of beer without any downside. “It’s definitely having a moment during a time when health and wellness are on everyone’s mind,” Dr. Villa says. 

The health and wellness trend is driving the 13% annual growth rate of the current $728 million U.S. NA beer market, according to Intercontinental Beverage Capital research. 

Globally, the non-alcoholic beer market, currently at $17 billion, is projected to reach a market value of $25 billion by the end of 2024, according to Global Market Insights/Statista.            

“Interest in better health and wellness, active lifestyles, and a reduction in alcohol consumption – the so-called ‘sober curious’ movement – is fueling this trend. What’s more, an NA beer helps people of all ages stay in control,” says Dr. Villa. 

Another benefit to NA beer: it’s plant based for good health and wellness – the bioactive ingredients in hops and grains provide important minerals and polyphenolic compounds. Dr. Villa considers NA craft beer ideal for after exercise rehydration and recovery due to its natural carbs, sodium, and fluid makeup. 

About CERIA Brewing Co. 

CERIA, Inc., a C corporation, dba CERIA Brewing Company, is headquartered in Arvada, Colorado. The company was co-founded in January 2018 by Keith Villa, Ph.D., creator and former brewmaster of Blue Moon Brewery, and his wife Jodi Villa, CEO. In late 2019 the company won the prestigious “Startup of the Year” Award presented by Food Dive, a leading industry news publisher. 

For more information: NA.Ceriabrewing.com, @ceriabrewing #ceriabrewing, [email protected]. CERIA Brewing Company, P.O. Box 746560, Arvada, CO 80006. See the brand on Amazon.com here: https://tinyurl.com/ceriabrewing