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Charleston's Burgeoning Craft Beer Scene

A Beer Pilgrimage to the Holy City (Issue 22)


Next up is the nearby COAST Brewing Co. Founded in 2007, it is one of Charleston’s oldest breweries, and is also focused on local, organic ingredients. The taproom is in the same space as the brewery, which adds a certain homespun charm.

I am struck by the disparity in venue and product – the brewery is quaint, but the can artwork on their products is as sleek and professional as they come. In fact, a firm grasp on the marketing end of beer production is one of the defining features of Charleston’s breweries. Almost without fail, these beers are made to stand out on a shelf. It mirrors the city center itself, where every passing window is calling out to the consumer within, and every consumer is seeking out the perfect product with which to define themselves. I define myself with a HopArt IPA and venture back into a blur of The North Face and flannel, navigating the cobblestones with as much care as I can muster.

A while later, I make my final stop for the night at the relatively ancient Palmetto Brewing Company. This place boasts true history, having been around from the late 1800s until Prohibition, before its resurrection in 1993. Artifacts from the original building adorn the walls, but the beer is thoroughly modern, and after a nitro Espresso Porter, I am thoroughly satisfied.

Yet during my time here, I hardly scratched the surface. Charleston and its surrounding area is home to around a dozen quality breweries, and more are on the horizon. I didn’t have the liver-space for visits to Revelry, Ghost Monkey, Tradesman, or Cooper River brewing companies, amongst others. But that’s a mark of a good beer town. If you can’t drink your way through all of the breweries in a day, it’s worth a trip.

The city is old, but the beer culture is fresh. It’s the best of both worlds.

With their attractive packaging theme, Coast Brewing demonstrates the marketing finesse that helps define the region.

Photos Courtesy: Coast Brewing



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