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Chinggis Khan Mongolian Vodka: A Spirited Saga of Tradition, Craftsmanship and Global Distinction

Discover the soulful journey of Chinggis Khan Mongolian Vodka by APU Company, seamlessly blending rich cultural heritage, tradition, and global distinction. Immerse yourself in the century-long legacy of APU Distillery, where meticulous craftsmanship meets state-of-the-art processes.

Chinggis Khan Mongolian Vodka: A Spirited Saga of Tradition, Craftsmanship, and Global Distinction

Nestled under Mongolia's clear blue skies and across its endless steppes lies a nation celebrated for more than just its natural beauty. Mongolia boasts a rich cultural heritage, where traditions passed down through generations are revered to this day. At the heart of this legacy is a longstanding tradition of hospitality, a crucial aspect of the national character.

In the world of Mongolian hospitality, an unspoken rule prevails—distinguished guests are treated to the highest grade and quality drinks. Since ancient times, a standout among these treats has been a special Mongolian vodka, renowned for its silky texture, delicate taste, and rich aroma—a testament to the enduring essence of Mongolian traditions.

APU Company's Evolution: Tradition Meets Global Distinction

Enter APU Company, a major force in Mongolia's native land with a workforce of over 2,100 skilled professionals. A journey that began in 2001 with a government auction privatization saw APU Company, the national producer of vodka, beer, and soft drinks, transform into a powerhouse. Recent years witnessed a US$300 million investment in modernization, including state-of-the-art equipment from leading European manufacturers.

The pivotal 2017 merger with Heineken marked a turning point, making APU a public company with a market capitalization of US$566.8 million, representing 30% of Mongolia's capital market. APU's premium vodkas now grace international markets, including China, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Poland, and the United States.

The Legend of Genghis Khan: Visionaries in Every Sip

Genghis Khan, the legendary Mongolian leader, serves as a metaphor for those who instigate change and propel the world forward. APU Company pays tribute to ambitious individuals through the creation of their ultra-premium Mongolian vodka, aiming to capture the essence of visionaries in every sip.

Craftsmanship Unveiled: APU Distillery's Century-Long Legacy

Mongolians historically hold alcohol in high esteem, considering it a sacred beverage known as Sarhad. APU Distillery, with a century-long legacy, showcases unparalleled expertise through meticulous processes. Ingredients, including crystal-clear water and winter wheat from ecologically pristine areas, contribute to the exceptional flavor. The six-step filtration process, diamond filtration, and a 21-day resting period before bottling all play pivotal roles in crafting the purest spirit on Earth.

Encased in clear blue glass, reminiscent of traditional snuff-bottle design, the Chinggis Khan vodka boasts a zamack closure with a 24K gold décor cork—a true synthesis of authenticity and elegance crafted by Les Bouchages Delage, a renowned French family company.

Bridging Tradition and Excellence: Chinggis Khan Mongolian Vodka

The Chinggis Khan brand seamlessly weaves together Mongolian culture, history, and craftsmanship. Rooted in centuries-old traditions, this ultra-premium vodka embodies the essence of Genghis Khan, symbolizing a commitment to change, progress, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

APU Company, with its deep-rooted legacy and strategic partnerships, stands as a significant player in Mongolia's spirits industry. The fusion of traditional methods with modern technology not only preserves the authenticity of Mongolian vodka but elevates it to international acclaim.

In essence, the Chinggis Khan brand is more than a premium vodka; it's a tribute to the enduring spirit of Mongolian traditions, the visionaries shaping history, and the relentless pursuit of perfection in craftsmanship and hospitality. Embark on a journey through Mongolia's spirited legacy with the Chinggis Khan Mongolian Vodka by APU Company.