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Colorado Breweries and Bakery Collaborate On Gluten-Free Brownie Stout

Colorado Breweries and Bakery Collaborate On Gluten-Free Brownie Stout

Three Colorado businesses, including Holidaily Brewing Co. and Highside Brewing as well as Gluten Escape Bakery, have collaborated on a gluten-free brownie stout beer. Full details are below.

COLORADO– Colorado breweries – Golden-based Holidaily Brewing and Frisco-based Highside Brewing – are collaborating with Centennial-based Gluten Escape Bakery to release a limited-edition stout. ChocCollab Brownie Stout will be available on Thursday, Sept. 3 at Holidaily Brewing and Saturday, Sept. 5 at Highside Brewing.

ChocCollab Brownie Stout is centered around gluten-free and local ingredients. Gluten-free grains – millet and buckwheat – were sourced from Grouse Malt House in Wellington, Colorado. In addition, gluten-free brownies from Gluten Escape Bakery were added in the boil, creating a rich, chocolatey and smooth stout.

“As a gluten-free brewery, pastry stouts are usually out of the question,” said Alan Windhausen, Head Brewer for Holidaily. “We are excited to partner with Gluten Escape Bakery to provide the gluten-free brownies for this stout, which will be moderately strong, with notes of roasted malt and chocolate.”

Not only are the brownies gluten-free, but they are also award-winning, earning the 5280 Magazine Best Brownie award. “It’s one of our signature products,” said Kathy Letson, founder of Gluten Escape Bakery. “The simplicity of ingredients and the Belgian chocolate sets this recipe apart.”

Guests can enjoy ChocCollab Brownie Stout on tap or take the beer to go in 32 ounce crowlers at both Holidaily’s Golden taproom and Highside’s Frisco taproom.

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