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Country Music Band Midland Launches Insólito Tequila

Country Music Band Midland Launches Insólito Tequila

Country music band Midland has announced the release of a new premium tequila brand called Insolito in Austin, Texas. More details on the new spirit are below.

AUSTIN, Texas– INSÓLITO, the new super-premium tequila, which is backed by Critically-Acclaimed Country band Midland and made using a unique process of crafting small batch tequila, has launched three expressions in the band’s home state of Texas. The collaboration marries the unconventional personality of the Double Grammy nominees, with brothers Octavio & Alberto Herrera, who own and operate Premium de Jalisco, the highest distillery in México; and Spirits Innovation Partners (SIP), the operating arm of the business.

INSÓLITO, which translates to “rare,” “uncommon,” and “extraordinary,” is distilled at 7,200 feet above sea level in the mountains of Jalisco within a town called Mazamitla. The high altitude and cooler temperatures provide for a slow, natural aging process, resulting in more complex flavors. The brand chose to use only new American White Oak barrels so that during the aging process, the 100% Blue Agave spirit would mingle with the barrels’ richness and hints of natural caramel and vanilla. Similar to the bourbon aging process, the temperature fluctuation allows the tequila to travel into and out of the barrel wood at a higher rate.

A Rare Tequila Deserves an Uncommon Partner

Midland was formed in 2013 after three old friends rekindled at Cameron Duddy’s wedding in Wyoming. Now, the trio all call Texas home. They recently released their sophomore album “Let it Roll,” their No. 1 Billboard Top Country Album debut and second critically lauded project. The trio are self-proclaimed tequila aficionados, former bartenders and INSÓLITO brand owners. Rooted in tradition in both sound and style, the retro-facing band comprised of Mark Wystrach (lead vocals); Cameron Duddy (bass guitar, vocals); and Jess Carson (lead guitar, vocals) have been praised as “Connoisseurs of Country Craft” by NPR and cited for their “retro country elegance” by The New York Times. They are represented by Matt Graham of BRND MGMT, Jason Owen and Todd Ramey of Sandbox Entertainment as well as Creative Artists Agency (CAA), all partners in the project.

“We’re thrilled to launch INSÓLITO first in our home state of Texas,” said Wystrach. “We created INSÓLITO as an extension of our brand and we’re proud of what we’ve created in partnership with SIP.”

The ACM Award-winning trio has earned a reputation as a wildly satisfying live act and later this month will make a return to their home state with their ROAD TO THE RODEO TOUR. Introducing fans exclusively to INSÓLITO at their shows, the tour will venture across the Lone Star State and include the band kicking off opening night of the prestigious Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo as well as two nights at Billy Bob’s Texas. The Billy Bob’s dates mark a special homecoming for the Dripping Springs-based trio who have already sold out the venue twice and filmed the music video for hit single “Burn Out” in the legendary haunt.

“Our goal was to produce a tequila that stands for uncompromising character, including the liquid, personality and partners,” said Pete Kelly, CEO, INSÓLITO. “After two and a half years of development, I believe INSÓLITO delivers on all three of those fronts.”

Three Uncommon Tequila Expressions

At 80 proof (40% ABV), INSÓLITO is a complex and smooth super-premium tequila.

  • Blanco ($39.99) is distilled at lower temps at the highest altitude distillery in Mexico resulting in a unique, rich mouth feel. It’s made from agave from the lowlands (20%) and highlands (80%). Nuanced floral aromas of the highland and lowland agave emerge after the tequila has mellowed in tanks for several months before bottling. This expression is smooth and balanced with a long finish
  • Reposado ($44.99) is aged from between six and 10 months in new American Oak barrels at the highest altitude distillery in Mexico. The highland and lowland agave blend develops a unique complexity. This smooth and aromatic expression preserves characteristics from Blanco such as cooked agave (sweet) and butter, while the aging produces almond and vanilla notes.
  • Añejo ($54.99) is aged for 18-24 months in new lightly-charred new American White Oak barrels at the highest altitude distillery in Mexico. The uniqueness of the highland and lowland agave blend provides a great body and transforms this expression into a silky smooth and well-structured complex spirit.

The brand’s hand-crafted bottles of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo each feature a distinct color (INSÓLITO Blue, Sea Foam Green and Coral, respectively) painted three-quarters of the way down. Designed by SIP, the lower exposed tequila is the party where tequila lovers come together to celebrate those who live boldly, bravely and beyond convention.

INSÓLITO is now available in 750ml bottles in select on- and off-premise accounts throughout Texas and will be distributed by Ben E. Keith Beverages.

“INSÓLITO Tequila is a welcome addition to our growing spirits portfolio,” said TJ Samuelson, Texas Spirits Manager, Ben E. Keith Beverages. “We believe the brand

possesses the necessary balance of authenticity, quality and personality, and are confident

it will resonate with both tequila and music fans alike.  We are eager to bring INSÓLITO to the market and look forward to building this brand with our new partners at SIP.”

For more information, and to purchase INSÓLITO online, please visit and follow the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @INSÓLITO

About INSÓLITO Tequila

INSÓLITO, which translates to “rare,” “uncommon,” and “extraordinary,”is a super-premium tequila made from 100% blue agave. It’s distilled 7,200 feet above sea level in the mountains of Jalisco, México, which produces flavor second to none. The company’s product line includes three expressions: Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. The new brand is a collaboration among brothers Octavio & Alberto Herrera; Midland, the acclaimed American country music group; and Spirits Innovation Partners.

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