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CraftCellr Mobile Platform Debuts in 7 States

CraftCellr Mobile Platform Debuts in 7 States

CraftCellr, a Georgia-based startup, allows users of the service to subscribe to various breweries and pre-order limited-release beers and pick them up at their earliest convenience.

While the service has already partnered with numerous breweries on its home turf of Georgia, the service announced that it has now partnered with breweries in Alabama, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

The full release from CraftCellr is below.

ATLANTA – Craft beer lovers across seven states (and counting) are tapping into an entirely new way to ensure that they do not miss out on small batch and taproom-only beer releases at their favorite breweries thanks to the creative technology behind CraftCellr. By subscribing to a local brewery on CraftCellr’s mobile platform, craft consumers can pre-order new releases, skip the line and pick up their purchase on their own time. For local breweries, they can now harness the full revenue potential of their taproom.

CraftCellr, a Georgia-based startup with brewery partners throughout the state as well as in Alabama, Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia, was conceived and built on the platform of maximizing taproom revenue in an on-demand economy. One might say that a law changed and an idea quickly fermented.

“The light bulb moment for CraftCellr was when SB85 was passed here in Georgia, making us one of the last states in America to allow direct to consumer sales,” said Eric Thelen, co-Founder of CraftCellr. “When we did the research, we quickly realized that if we could help breweries generate more revenue and foot traffic within the taproom, it would have a significant impact on a brewery’s profitability. As craft beer enthusiasts ourselves, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make craft beer more accessible for consumers.”

As consumer trends for craft beer continue to shift towards “drinking local” with increased demand for unique or emerging beer styles, mid-to-small sized breweries are uniquely positioned to capture the market. With a flood of new brewery openings in 2018 and more expected for 2019, remaining top of mind with consumers will be critical to success. CraftCellr gives breweries the tools to reach consumers in real time where it matters most: their smartphones. Utilizing CraftCellr’s mobile optimized platform, consumers can easily discover and purchase new releases from local breweries via social post, message boards or a custom text message sent via CraftCellr.

“At Monday Night we are always looking for innovative new ideas that will keep our consumers excited,” said Jonathan Baker, co-founder and CMO for Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta. “CraftCellr helps us create an amazing consumer experience for our brewery releases and reduce the operational burden on our taproom staff.”

CraftCellr partners enjoy not only the opportunity to empower their consumers, but also the ability to foster consumer loyalty though membership programs. CraftCellr’s technology allows breweries to manage all sales, communications and inventory through its administrative portal. Breweries pay a monthly fee starting at $99. No contracts or long-term obligations. All new breweries receive a 14-day free trial and have access to the following features:

  • Beer release and event pre-sales
  • Membership creation and management
  • Custom branded web-app
  • Administrative portal for program and inventory management
  • Three custom text messages to brewery subscribers each month
  • Access to CraftCellr community of beer consumers

By utilizing the payment platform, Stripe, brewery partners receive their sales compensation immediately via Stripe Connect, with bank deposits being made on daily a basis.

To sign up for a 14-day free trial, go to portal.craftcellr.com/signUp. For more information about the CraftCellr platform, go to craftcellr.com or email them at [email protected].