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Diebolt Brewing Co. Announces Figgy Noir Biere de Garde

Diebolt Brewing Co. Announces Figgy Noir Biere de Garde

Diebolt Brewing Co. in Denver, Colorado has announced the release of a Biere de Garde style beer called Figgy Noir. The beer's details can be found below.

Greetings from Diebolt Brewing!

Figgy Noir, Algerian Biere de Garde: Can Release and Tapping.

Figgy Noir is the first of the French Expats to surface, taking inspiration from the North African country of Algeria. Sweet Algerian curry, palm sugar and figs give it the color of the Saharan sands, the heady, spiced aroma of an outdoor bazaar and the figgy flavor of the cradle of civilization.

What is our French Expat Series?

Expat Series is a series of beers exploring the vibrant flavors and aromas encountered everyday by expatriates across the globe; by incorporating unique ingredients from these countries into French style beers, we’ve recreated a day in the life of a French Expat.
Figgy Noir's base beer style is a Blonde Biere de Garde. Fig concentrate adds subtle complexity and slight color, palm sugar imparts added gravity and a slight honey note and the Algerian curry is reminiscent of holiday spice with Nutmeg, Sea Salt, Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, Saffron and Cardomom.

We'll be tapping this beer in conjunction with our Fall Festival featuring a Pancake Breakfast (Pancakes made with Ras El Hanout the sweet algerian curry) and special food vendors.