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Diebolt Brewing Co. Announces July Beer Releases


Diebolt Brewing Co. Announces July Beer Releases

Diebolt Brewing Co. in Denver, Colorado has announced its July beer releases. Full details are below.

July always starts off with a bang…pun intended…but it also starts our planning for back half of the year. Hard to think about dark beers in 90 degree weather but such is the lament of the craft brewer. 

However, we would not depart summer without offering up a couple absolute bangers!

Our new Quick Sour will hit shelves first part of July! Liquid Light Syndrome Quick Sour with Carrot and Lime. A delicious combo of fresh, sweet and sour. Drawing on inspiration from 60’s and 70’s mind expanding light shows, we worked with Alex at Liquid Designs to capture the flavor expansions of sours. Dare we say “a full spectrum synesthesia”.

Been paddling around waiting for a summer high point? Ready to hang ten on a big wave? Welcome back Wiggy Wiggy Honey Hibiscus Saison! Pink and tarty and ready to party. 

When they tried to claim their beer was “made here” we took it personally and countered with our Made There International Pilsner series and that has lead us to our third offering in the International Pilsner Series. A UK-inspired Pilsner reporting for duty in late July/early Aug….stay tuned. 

Big fan of Diebolt? Want to share with out of state friends? Are you out of state? Hit us up @Diebolt for access to current beers delivered to your
out-of-state address! 

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