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Diebolt Brewing Co. Announces Seasonal Brews

Diebolt Brewing Co. Announces Seasonal Brews

Diebolt Brewing Co. in Denver, Colorado has announced the release of its springtime brews, including Party On Darth and others. Full details are below.

Who else is excited to get back on the patio and quaff some craft beer along with all that sunshine (wear that sunscreen!).

Seen the new Anton Francois label? Thoughts?

Charlie BlackBerry Quick Sour was just that “quick”. Like it’s namesake...this is a Walk Off hit! Still a handful of four packs at the taproom if you show a little Charlie Hustle. However, don’t call the bullpen yet...we are making more and it should be up to bat early June.

Aramis French Blonde Ale is in cans and on tap. We are still lining up a paw print can signing with the famous brew cat for this patio pounder but his/him agent is still not returning emails (could be lack of thumbs)!

PartyOn Darth, part duex in the PartyOn series hits the shelf May 1, just in time for the world wide celebrations of May the Fourth. This highly sought after style of Black IPA will earn it a Golden Globe nod!

Sopheak stepped onto the brew deck with Jack to produce our new springtime (soon to be) classsic. Cambodge Soir Jackfruit Saison. Never has fruity and savory been so good together! Available mid May-ish.

If you still have pastel tank tops and white linen sport coats laying around...please wear them down to the taproom and grab some FlaMango Chic Mango American Wheat. Roll up jammin Jan Hammer and you best FLA MAN GO story to share with friends over this delicious fruit wheat beer.

As always follow and share us with friends on IG @dieboltbrewing for all the latest shenanigans and tapping dates.

Strong rumors coming from corporate that new wearables and Merch are coming! See you soon!