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Distillery of Modern Art: Combining Art and Spirits in Unique, Interesting Ways

Works of art mean something different to all who gaze upon them, and the Distillery of Modern Art in Chamblee, Georgia recognizes that. According to this fascinating new venue, “when you pick up one of our bottles, you’ll see that it’s not all about us – it’s about you.”

Distillery of Modern Art: Combining Art and Spirits in Unique, Interesting Ways

Distillery of Modern Art (DOMA) is a bit of a chimera: part art gallery, part distillery and part cocktail lounge and event space, stylishly packed in a 15,000-square-foot warehouse space in Chamblee. The parts combine for a totally original package that should be on any Atlantan’s radar.

DOMA, which opened earlier this year, is the culmination of founder Seth Watson’s passion for spirits (especially whiskey), and more than two decades of experience in design and event production.

“I saw an opportunity to do something on a more elevated basis that took what I was passionate about – those being spirits, hospitality and art – and trying to meld those pieces together,” Watson said. “Being so involved with artists for my entire career, I saw a hole of support for local art. A lot of these situations where local artists get involved or artists from all around the world, it’s always a financial transaction scenario. And what I desperately wanted to do is give back to an artist community that had supported me in my business for so long with ideas and collaboration.”

The result of Watson’s vision is somewhat of a “maker’s paradise.” Artists are exhibited on a two-month rotation, and DOMA takes no commission on work sold. Its focus is on cranking out quality spirits and creating new recipes from its growing list of spirits, which now comprises peach vodka, regular vodka, bourbon whiskey and rye whiskey. Tastes can be had during the distillery tour ($15), or in craft cocktails from its team of experienced mixologists.

DOMA also bottles its spirits, offering even more opportunity for local artists to create.

“I’d spent a little time recipe-developing, and I was able to take those samples, meet a plethora of artists, and said, ‘Okay, here’s this spirit. Try it, and then I want you to create a piece of abstract artwork that represents this spirit in the bottle,’” said Watson

“Since it’s abstract, we’re able to cut it down and use it on the interior of our labels. So, the backside of our label, which gives this awesome pop of color, is also a really cool juxtaposition. As a brown spirit bottle gets depleted, more and more of that artwork gets revealed. So not only are we going to expose local artists to the masses, but we’re also creating this very cool, unique look on the interior of our bottles.”

The ethos of DOMA is the creation of an environment that feeds all senses, to be appreciated in the moment. The result is a space that is a work of art in and of itself, waiting for you to drink it in.

Distillery of Modern Art bottle