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Dock Street Brewery Debuts First Drone-Assisted Beer

Dock Street Brewery Debuts First Drone-Assisted Beer

Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has announced the release of Swarm Intelligence, a beer that was brewed with the help of an automated drone. More details on the beer's interesting brewing process is below.

4.9% ABV 40 IBUS

Pale Ale - Brewed in collaboration with our human and non-human neighbors at Exyn Technologies. A simple grain bill paired with local orange blossom honey makes for a light, floral, and slightly biscuity base. Repeatedly hopped with small bursts of Ekuanot and Chinook throughout the boil, and dry hopped with Ekuanot, Mosaic, and Chinook. The can label art is a multispectral photo of the brewery at Dock Street South, shot by “Exyn A3R.”

You know Dock Street loves a good “first”. (See also: “Est in 1985.”) 

Dock Street Brewing Co. has brewed the first drone assisted beer with our next-door neighbors at Exyn Technologies here in Point Breeze. The first people we met when we signed for our new digs were the folks at Exyn, and within a few minutes of meeting we joked about a drone-made beer - and then after the chuckles subsided, we got serious about a drone made beer. We went home that day with a new location site and an idea for our first experimental brew at Dock Street South.