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East 9th Brewing Partners with Merry Jane on Mango Kush Hemp Ale

East 9th Brewing Partners with Merry Jane on Mango Kush Hemp Ale

East 9th Brewing in Melbourne, Australia and its Doss Blockos brand have partnered with Merry Jane on a new hemp beer called Mango Kush. It is brewed in honor of cannabis becoming legal in Australia's capital city. Full details are below.

MELBOURNE, Australia — East 9th Brewing with their Doss Blockos brand have teamed up with MERRY JANE to bring to life a new hemp beer- MERRY JANE’S Mango Kush. It is set for release at 4:20pm on January 31, 2020, which is the specific day and time that personal use of cannabis is made legal in Australia’s capital city.

In 2017, East 9th Brewing gave Australia the taste of its first hemp beer with Doss Blockos ‘Hempire’ Hemp Ale when it became available after almost a century of ‘hemp prohibition’.

“With the release of this new hemp ale, we wanted to be the first to celebrate further changes in cannabis legislation,” says Josh Lefers, one of three founders at East 9th Brewing. “Who better to partner with than MERRY JANE and its iconic founder.  The media platform brings positive attention to cannabis culture and normalises conversation around it.”

With this in mind, the team at East 9th Brewing opted to have a quiz on the can that includes questions:

  • What is the first city in Australia to make cannabis legal for personal use?
  • What is 420 Day all about?
  • What rapper launched the cannabis-focused media platform Merry Jane? (we will give you a hint on this one…
  • What is the relationship between hemp and cannabis?

“Before you madly google rappers and 420 day,” says Benjamin Cairns, another of East 9th Brewing’s founders, “here’s a free hit on the last question on the quiz: Hemp, Cannabis and Hops are all from the same plant family, and can share similar taste and aroma characteristics.”

This new limited brew is influenced by cannabis strain flavours and terpenes. Merry Jane Mango Kush has been pimped with natural mango and organic ground hemp seeds to deliver the first fresh and fruity strain of hemp ale.  Take a deep breath…inhale the tropical aromas and feel the change in the air!

“Over the coming year, East 9th Brewing plan to release a number of other limited-edition hemp beer ‘strains’ all influenced by cannabis profiles, with a ‘fruity’ flavour edge,” says Stephen Wools, the other founder of East 9th Brewing. “For this first release, Doss Blockos and Merry Jane we are donating all proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund to help with the billion animals that have been injured or killed in the bushfires that have ravaged Australia.”

Notable beer industry giants AB-Inbev and Molson Coors have also invested heavily into the cannabis industry in recent times.

MERRY JANE’S Mango Kush (Strain #1) cans are available in Australia through select bars, restaurants and retailers, with several more variants (or ‘strains’) to be released in the coming months.  East 9th & MERRY JANE are currently planning for a US release in the near future.  Contact [email protected] if you’d like to know more.

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Instagram: @East9thBrewing #DossBlockos @MerryJane #MerryJaneBeer

About East 9th Brewing

East 9th Brewing is one of Australia’s most innovative beverage companies.  The company is renown for consistently introducing new categories through developing premium and sessionable products, along with Doss Blockos, other East 9th Brewing brands include Lick Pier Ginger Beer and Sample Brew.

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