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East Brother Beer Co. to Host Pride & Purpose Beer Festival


East Brother Beer Co. to Host Pride & Purpose Beer Festival

East Brother Beer Co. in Richmond, California has announced its hosting of the Pride & Purpose Beer Festival, which will make lagers the focus. Full details are below.

Lift a lager for Rosie! East Brother Beer Company and Rosie the Riveter Trust present the Pride & Purpose Beer Festival, the first beer festival in Northern California to make lagers the main attraction. The festival will take place on June 18th, 2022 at East Brother Beer Company, located at 1001 Canal Blvd in Richmond, California.

Why Lagers?

When we launched East Brother Beer Company in 2016, we committed to sticking with the classics. Our instinct and palates told us that classics, and lagers specifically, would be on the rise in the craft world. For a long time, macro breweries had set the standard for what American beer drinkers consider a lager; and that pale, lightly malted beer quickly made lagers the butt of the joke…but brewing an exceptional lager is no joke! It takes a remarkable amount of time and skill to brew this style of beer well; lagers are labor, and they can be unforgiving. As our Head Brewer Paul Liszewski (whose license plate reads “LAGER”) says, “If there’s an off-flavor, if you’ve rushed things, there’s nothing to hide behind.” A lager is a true testament to a brewer’s ability to make great beer.

Pride & Purpose

Lagers are as diverse as the communities we live in, so East Brother Beer Company’s Pride & Purpose Beer Festival has set out to bring Northern California’s legendary craft beer professionals together to Lift a Lager for Rosie. The festival will feature at least 25 breweries pouring more than 50 beers. Fellow brewers like Anderson ValleyCrooked LaneDrake’sFactionFieldworkHenHouseHereticHunters PointLocal (and a whole bunch more from M to Z) will be pouring their personal favorites, with more than half of the featured styles being lagers. Proceeds from the festival will benefit the Rosie the Riveter Trust, the official nonprofit partner of Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park located in Richmond, California.

BBTS (Beer Behind the Scenes)

Moderated by Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting, there will be a Pride & Purpose panel discussion at noon with craft beer luminaries and authors like Jeff Alworth, author of The Beer Bible, freelance beer writer Lou Bustamante, Ron Silberstein, co-founder of Admiral Maltings, and more. This in-depth discussion, best enjoyed with a cold beer, will focus on lagers, what it takes to brew them, and the long historic relationship between beer and labor.

Celebrating hard-working men and women, this festival is more than about just beer. In partnership with Rosie the Riveter Trust, the Pride & Purpose Beer Festival will share stories from the past with the Rosies, the Boilermakers, and countless others who showed up for their communities during WWII, as well as those of the present by showcasing local makers and trades organizations.

Tickets and Information

Tickets are available through Eventbrite with a full festival schedule at eastbrotherbeer.com/beerfestival. Early bird ticket prices begin at $50 per person (until 4/30/22), $75 per person including early access, and $20 per person for non-alcoholic beverage attendees.

Hope to see you on June 18th at East Brother Beer Company’s Pride & Purpose Beer Festival.