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Eden’s Harvest Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Revolutionary Chaga Mushroom Craft Beer

Eden’s Harvest Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Revolutionary Chaga Mushroom Craft Beer

Eden’s Harvest, Inc. in San Francisco, California is making waves in the craft beer industry with the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on the Title3Funds platform. This innovative company is inviting investors to be part of a groundbreaking project - the creation of the world's first craft beer brewed with Chaga mushrooms sourced exclusively from Alaskan Birch trees.

Eden’s Harvest has pioneered a proprietary process to craft beer using pollutant-free Chaga mushrooms, harvested sustainably from the pristine boreal forests of Alaska. These mushrooms are renowned for their rich nutrient content and powerful bioactive compounds, which offer potential health benefits ranging from improved liver function to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. With each 12 oz. Eden’s Harvest Beer packing the antioxidant punch of 6 lbs of blueberries, the potential market appeal is significant.

Led by Brewmaster Chris Anderson, whose brewing expertise spans over two decades and includes numerous accolades and awards, Eden’s Harvest is poised to revolutionize the beverage industry. Their initial offerings of functional mushroom craft beers have already gained traction in California, with plans for national distribution throughout 2024.

Investors have a unique opportunity to get involved in this burgeoning market with a minimum investment of $100. With the craft beer industry projected to reach $200 billion globally this year, Eden’s Harvest aims to raise over $1 million through their Regulation CF equity offering on Title3Funds. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms, Title3Funds offers investors a tangible stake in the company, ensuring accountability and transparency throughout the investment process.

“Join us as we disrupt the craft beer industry with innovation and an exclusive source for the most antioxidant packed ingredient on earth,” said Joe Wallace, Founder of Eden’s Harvest. “People are beginning to expect more from their beverages, without sacrificing taste, and Eden’s Harvest delivers.” 

As consumers increasingly seek out innovative and health-conscious beverage options, Eden’s Harvest stands at the forefront, poised to disrupt the market with their Chaga mushroom-infused craft beers and upcoming lineup of adaptogen-powered drinks. Don’t miss your chance to join the craft beer revolution and invest in Eden’s Harvest today. All information including term sheets, form c, risks and disclosures, and market analysis is available here.

About Eden’s Harvest, Inc.

Eden’s Harvest was founded in 2022 in California to leverage the founders’ years in the beverage industry, expertise in the mushroom world, and gold-medal winning craft beer experience, to innovate new products which serve a public that expects more from what they drink. More info at