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From the Editors (Issue 27)

Editors Jim Dykstra and Chris Guest
Editors Jim Dykstra and Chris Guest

Beer has long been a tool for greasing the hinges of communication – from first dates to the founding of the USA. In a time where divides feel greater and smiles seem harder to come by, its important that we not forget to appreciate the fact that any of us can sit around and share a beer at all. Especially during the holiday season.

To that end, we've got a host of sensory experiences, transcribed to transport you both outward -- to Sweden for a Great Taste Adventure, to Le Roeulx Belgium to Rediscover St. Feuillien, and inward for tales of palate exploration with our story on Gueuze: The Champagne of Craft Beer (a perfect beverage to enjoy on New Year's Eve) and a story on Spruce Beer, which should leave a nice, minty freshness after reading.

You'll hear the roar of a barrel char in our final act of The Art of Coopering, and the delicate, sensual tones of The New Most Interesting Man in the World, who was kind enough to pour a bit of wisdom into our glass. Of course, we've got plenty more wisdom of our own to give you -- a treatise on the state of beer styles, a look at Oregon's Pfriem Family Brewers, and more news than you can shake a yule log at.

We have our usual in-depth beer review from our stable of BJCP-certified judges, including world-class offerings from Ninkasi and Flat 12 Bierwerks, as well as the corresponding Brewer Q&As for high-scoring beers in a brand new format that's easy on the eyes.

As always, we want to stress the importance of beer as a means for togetherness, inclusion and enjoyment of life. At the end of the day, beer is beer and people are people. We hope you enjoy the Holiday Issue of The Beer Connoisseur! 

- Jim and Chris