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Epic Brewing Launches Pakka Hard Seltzer

Epic Brewing Launches Pakka Hard Seltzer

Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City, Utah has announced the debut of the brewery's hard seltzer line called Pakka. Full details are below.

SALT LAKE CITY — When the hard seltzer craze started, instead of seeing it as a fad, we reviewed the seltzers in the market looking for a way to make them better. We looked for the point where sweet & dry, fruity & crisp, refreshing & flavorful meet. After 18 months of product testing & perfecting brewing techniques, we found that point, and Pakkā was born.

We focused first on how we can best use real fruit. Pakkā is one of a few hard seltzers in the market that uses real fruit as the main ingredient, instead of flavor concentrates & mass-produced tinctures.

Pakkā 12 oz. cans are launching in Utah on Friday 4/24 at the Epic Salt Lake City Brewery in four flavors; Graprfruit Tangerine, Cherry Lime, Black Cherry and Mixed Berry. They will be available as single cans, 6-pack and Mixed 12-pack. Pakkā cans are currently only available in Utah at Epic Brewery. (we submitted Pakkā to the UDABC, but were declined in favor of Bud Light Seltzer….)

Come down to our brewery and pick up a Pakkā 6-pack, taste the difference that real fruit can make in a hard seltzer.