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Espanita Artisanal Tequila Partners With Pitbull

Espanita Artisanal Tequila Partners With Pitbull

Espanita Tequila out of New York, New York has announced a partnership with musical icon Armando Christian Pérez, better known by his stage name Pitbull. Full details on this partnership are below.

NEW YORK, NY – Espanita® Tequila has announced a partnership with a legendary Music Icon Armando Christian Pérez, widely known by his stage name Pitbull. The GRAMMY®-winning international superstar, education advocate and motivational speaker is assuming the role of a strategic advisor and a Global Brand Ambassador for Espanita tequila.

“Armando’s love for the spirit of Espanita and his enthusiasm for the brand is inspiring for everyone who works on the team”, says Marina Wilson, President and Founder of Espanita Tequila Company, LLC. “Mr. Worldwide is a creative visionary and this collaboration will generate global opportunities for Espanita tequila. Armando’s personal creed of tenacity and grit, and his determination to continually connect with his audience, encouraging people to reach their full potential, is as contagious as his music,” she added.

“It’s an honor to partner and collaborate with the Espanita tequila brand,” says Perez.  “We’re proud to be part of a brand that has won so many awards and have been drinking and sending Espanita to family, friends and business partners around the world. We’re excited to join this brand on its exciting journey,” he added.

Espanita Tequila is already recognized as one of the most remarkable handcrafted tequilas on the market today, with numerous medals and distinctions awarded for its uncompromised quality, creativity of packaging and exceptional value. Answering a growing demand for craft spirits, transparency and authenticity, Espanita® disrupts tequila category by offering consumers a truly artisanal spirit of Blue Agave, created by following ancestral production techniques and presented in luxury packaging that is fitting for an aspirational lifestyle brand, but at retail shelf prices that are highly accessible to a wide customer market. Currently available in Blanco, Reposado and Anejo age expressions, Espanita retails for $26.99 to $34.99 depending on the expression.

“The popularity of tequila in the USA and globally is on the rise as consumers shift their preferences towards super-premium, 100% Blue Agave brands”, adds Wilson. “Positioning Espanita in the fastest growing price segment of tequila industry, we hope to make our spirits accessible to tequila lovers both in domestic and international markets and encourage them to enjoy artisanally produced tequila both as sippers and in a variety of mixed drinks”.

Terms of the deal are private, but the partnership includes equity in the brand and a long-term commitment to the continued growth of Espanita® and its family of artisanal ultra-premium tequilas.

About Espanita® Tequila

Espanita is created by using traditional production methods developed in Mexico over hundreds of years from 100% Agave, grown at high elevations of Jalisco’s Highlands. Brand’s commitment to heritage, authenticity and quality results in a sophisticated and velvety smooth spirit, which accentuates characteristics that are exclusive to tequila alone: the distinctive aromas and delectable flavors of traditionally slow-cooked Blue Agave. Espanita Blanco is unaged, representing the purest expression of the Highlands terroir, while Reposado and Anejo varietals are rested for 6 and 18 months, respectively, in bourbon barrels for rich, complex flavor. All expressions are excellent sippers and are a perfect base for mixed drinks. To learn more about Espanita tequila, or for more information, visit and the brand’s social channels: Instagram ( and Facebook (

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