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European Beer News (Issue 19)

by Carl Kins

bush_de_charmes_600.jpgDubuisson, Duvel Introduce New Beers

Two major brands have introduced new beers. Dubuisson has launched Bush de Charmes, a barrel-aged beer made by placing Bush Blonde in oak barrels previously used to store the Charmes Meursault white burgundy wine. 

Duvel is making a beer with wild yeast to be sold at its Brewery De Koninck in Antwerp. The company is currently enhancing De Koninck as a destination for Belgians and international visitors, scheduling a name change to Antwerp City Brewery this summer. The Stadsbrouwerij buildings will include a restaurant, chocolatier, cheesemonger and butcher. The wild yeast beer will also be available at The Jane in Antwerp, located in a converted church. It is run by starred chef Sergio Herman, this year’s Beer & Gastronomy Ambassador, a position created by the Beer Society of the Low Countries. 

Duvel continues to be creative in all fields. It has now added “APA” to the label of its normal De Koninck, which stands for “Antwaarpse Pale Ale.

Expansion Continues

Plenty of new brewers are seeing the light. The Viven beers, contract brewed at De Proef since 1999, are now brewed at the company’s facility in Sijsele. A 17th brewery in the Luxembourg province has opened, called La Brasserie d’Oster. In September, Brouwerij Het Nest will open in Turnhout, claiming an investment of $2.4 million. The rumor mill says about another 10 breweries will open by the end of the year.