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European Beer News (Issue 23)

by Carolyn Smagalski 

Wolf in Cask Clothing

On the silver screen, bravery manifests itself through larger-than-life adventure and a cast of thousands. But in real life, even a common British nurse can earn the title of hero. During World War I, Edith Cavell, a Red-cross nurse from Swardeston England, assisted in the escape of over 200 Allied servicemen from German-occupied Brussels to Holland. She faced a firing squad in 1915, just before her 50th birthday. Her execution stunned Europe.

In a show of unity, two national newspapers established the Cavell Nurses’ Trust in 1917, which still functions today, serving nurses in times of personal hardship.

To honor her courageous spirit, Wolf Brewery of Norfolk created Edith Cavell Cask Ale, commemorating the centenary of her final breath. This real ale quenches the palate with hints of licorice and dark fruit, accented in a base of local Norfolk malt. Through the sale of 45,000+ pints, Wolf Brewery contributed over £2250 to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust in 2016.


BrewDog Goes American

With the approach of their USA brewery opening in Columbus, Ohio later this year (August 2016), BrewDog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie have leaked rumors of a first-time roll-out of the Equity for Punks Crowdfunding Program in the United States. Crowdfunding offers a limited number of shares to small investors, and BrewDog is prime meat for those who believe in these cutting-edge “packleaders” with their raucous marketing style.   

Nuts for the Red Squirrel

With an eye on expansion, Red Squirrel Brewery of North Hertfordshire established a Crowdcube opportunity for investors who dream of owning shares in a craft brewery. Since its launch in 2010, Red Squirrel has won awards from both SIBA and CAMRA for ales that showcase originality and tradition. A goal of £500,000 will triple current output and add another seven craft beer shops to their current London-based portfolio. In five days, Red Squirrel had already raised £160,000.

Photo Credits: Cavell Nurses Trust (top) and Red Squirrel Brewing Co. (bottom).

by Carl Kins

Brasserie de Silly installed a small brewery in a quite unusual place, i.e. a supermarket in Mons, run by Carrefour. They brew one special beer (6 % ABV), that only is available there, La Chambourlette.

Brussels steps in the footsteps of other large cities with new breweries. “No Science” chose their location on the Greenbizz site (behind the phenomenally beautiful building of Tour & Taxis). And then there is “En Stoemelings” and “Beerstorming”. Plus, the “Brussels Beer Project” who is really making a name for themselves. Recently they cooperated with the rock band “The Editors” and released “Salvation” (nothing to do with Russian River). And the famous British TV-chef Jamie Oliver recently collaborated with them within the framework of his food wastage fight. Indeed he has been using and promoting Babylone, BBP’s “recycling” beer brewed with old, unsold bread from a social bakery in their neighborhood. And Jamie Oliver is now also promoting a similar beer brewed in London by Hackney Brewery, called “Toast”.

For the fourth year in a row, a “Lady and Beer Day” was organized by Huyghe, this time on Saturday 16 January. Each time, a beer was brewed by the ladies, called Deliria. For this fourth edition, an international group of ladies, coming from among others Mexico, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium did brew a total of 500 hectoliter.

When it comes to ladies, AB InBev had another experience. They launched a campaign in order to counteract the gender stereotypes about beer and ladies. But, according to the Belgian marketing regulator, they are achieving just the contrary by portraying beer drinking ladies as “cool, easy going, and always good company” and stating that they are the best partners because they will “ensure there is always beer at home and will always understand their partner goes for a beer with friends.”

An important Belgian brewer, Orval’s brew master Anne-Francoise Pypaert announced she will make a collaboration ale with New Belgium Brewing. It will be a ‘Spiced Belgian Strong Dark Ale’ at 9.5 % alcohol, with spruce tips and aged on wooden spirals. Her predecessor, the famous Jean-Marie Rock has done US collaborations (with Boulevard Brewing Co.), but this is AF’s first collaboration. Hopefully, not the last.

Duvel continues to put themselves in the limelight. They just launched this year’s version of Duvel Tripel Hop, which makes use of an experimental type of American hop, i.e. HBC291, resulting in aromas of black pepper, roses and lavender. Next to that they created a pack with the three latest Tripel Hop versions. And they celebrate the tenth anniversary of one of the first Belgian IPA’s, Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel. 

Pol Ghekiere is living close to Chouffe where he runs Bed & Breakfast La Vielle Forge. Pol used to guide people at La Chouffe, where the beer bug bit him hard, such that he started a small brewery, Brasserie Inter-Pol. For Delhaize (Food Lion) a special line of limited edition beers (4000 each - 75 cl bottles) was started, under the heading “Famous Belgian Brewers”. The three different recipes are created by respectively Pol himself (Witte Pol), Hildegard van Ostaden (Urthel - Café Noir) and Jef Van Den Steen (Glazen Toren –Spéciale Belge).

Just across the Dutch border, the Trappist monks of Koningshoeven/La Trappe – came up with a world first by issuing a glossy magazine. It provides a unique look behind the scenes of the monastery walls, an inside view in the contemplative monastic life not to forget the history and the brewery and its beers.

Photo Credits: Toon Coussement (top) and Wikimedia Commons/Gordito1869 (bottom).