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Everybody's Brewing and Stoup Brewing Debut Hazy IPA Collaboration

Everybody's Brewing and Stoup Brewing Debut Hazy IPA Collaboration

Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon, Washington and Stoup Brewing in Seattle, Washington has announced the release of a Hazy IPA collaboration beer called The Devil's Science Fair. Full details from the breweries are below.

White Salmon, Wash. — Everybody’s Brewing and Stoup Brewing have just released a collaborative Hazy IPA named The Devil’s Science Fair, available in 16oz cans at local bottle shops and markets throughout Washington and Oregon. The Devil’s Science Fair comes in at 6.7% ABV and 60 IBU, and pours a vibrant, hazy gold. Tropical fruit aroma and flavor can be attributed to the blend of Galaxy, El Dorado, and Citra hops as well as a unique blend of three Kveik yeast strains sourced from Sleight Labs (Seattle) and Imperial Yeast (Portland).

Kveik strains remain an intriguing ingredient and relevant player in the craft brewing industry. They have the unusual ability of running at a range of temperatures and pitch rates that would normally destroy other yeasts. Looking produce big, fruity esters, some brewers attempt to push towards the extreme ends of these ranges. The approach of Stoup and Everybody’s, was a carefully calculated technique that called for very high temperatures combined with a low pitch rate that gives Devil’s Science Fair it’s super clean, bright, fruity finish, without any hint of stress.

This collaboration has been a long-awaited effort between the two breweries, and a very natural alliance. Both breweries take pride in the scientific, technical approach to beer production, while still enjoying the fun, innovative side of the industry. “Stoup’s motto is, ‘The art and science of beer,’ which is right in line with our mission here,” said Everybody’s Head Brewer, Adam McClure. We jumped at the chance to work with Stoup when the idea first came up at last year’s WA Brewers Awards. Says McClure of Stoup’s owner/brewmaster Brad Benson, ”I have a ton of respect for his approach to brewing and his vision of what craft brewing means to community, plus his beers are amazing.”

Though this will be the debut of this beer in 16oz cans, a first batch was released on draft only last month. The plan was for both breweries to do a second batch, with half going into cans and the other for more draft. The Covid-19 pandemic forced them to eliminate the draft side of things, but both thought the pandemic made it even more important to keep their plans for release of the cans. “In this time of national distance, where so many have experienced loss and distress, somehow the spirit of collaboration and creation seem to endure though the passion of brewers everywhere.” Adam and Brad agree, “If the culmination of this project could be anything to anyone, we hope that it is 16 ounces of hope and joy when they need it the most.”

About Everybody’s Brewing…

Everybody’s Brewing was opened in 2008 in White Salmon, WA by Doug and Christine Ellenberger, who had a combined 20 years of professional brewing and restaurant experience. Their award-winning beers are widely distributed throughout Washington, Oregon, and Northern Idaho. The brew pub offers fantastic, locally-sourced food, with an outdoor deck that provides a stunning view of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge. This combination makes Everybody’s Brewing a must-visit attraction when traveling to the Northwest.