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Fall 2014, Issue 16

Fall 2014, Issue 16

There’s something about the fall season and beer.

In this issue, the intrepid Martin Thibault gets yet another inside story, this time on the brewing traditions of Norway. Not for the faint of heart, there’s a “troll road,” some blood and eye of pig in addition to revelations about the age-old formulas now held by the descendents of Norsemen. (For those who want to try making Vossabrygg at home, thanks to Martin the kveik yeast is soon to be available at the National Collection of Yeast Cultures under listing 3995.)

Another of our writers who has a knack for the beer culture is Seth Levy. He’s well grounded in the ways of craggy and wild Maine, where Allagash Brewing Company and founder Rob Tod have made a home in what has become a perfect fit for making great beer.  Seth, too, has a tale to tell along the lines of The Courage to Find Out in this rendition of the Innovators Series.

Our issue rolls on with a story about rum-influenced Yankee Swap. It’s steeped in the history of barrels and written by longtime contributor Ben Keene – who we congratulate on his move to the editing realm at a fellow beer publication. There’s a primer on how to do Oktoberfest at home, plus our other well known departments, which in this issue take readers to places like the Tasty Weasel and the World Cup in Brazil, not to mention Beervana.

On a personal note, this is my tenth issue as the managing editor. As anniversaries go, it’s a happy one knowing that our staff and contributors have once again delivered an outstanding journey through the world of beer.

– Jonathan Ingram

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