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Festivals and Events, Spring 2016 (Issue 23)

Editor's Choice Events

Bacon and Beer Classic
New York City, NY
April 22 - 23

In the world of culinary arts, there are some flawless combinations. Peanut butter and jelly? Yummy. Strawberries and bananas? Yes please. Tortilla chips and salsa? Can’t get enough. However, there is one pairing that inspires extreme devotion and has also birthed an entire genre of festivals nationwide. I’m speaking, of course, of the almighty duo of bacon and craft beer.

In fact, this combination is so revered that one of our Editor’s Choice events this issue focuses solely on that pairing. We’re proud to announce that the Bacon and Beer Classic is an Editor’s Choice for our spring 2016 issue!

The event will be held at Citi Field from April 22-23 and will feature over 50 bacon-infused delights, over 100 craft beer samples, contests, games and more. Organized by Cannonball Productions, “a New York City-based event production company dedicated to creating big, bold, one-of-a-kind experiences..."

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Wild West Brew Fest
Katy, TX
April 22 - 23

The 2016 Katy Wild West Brewfest will be held at the Katy Mills mall in Katy, TX – a suburb of Houston. This will be the fifth annual occurrence of this non-profit event, and the first held at Katy Mills mall. According to event organizer David Loesch, the reason for the move was simple: “We outgrew our old space; it simply could not handle our capacity anymore.”

All net proceeds of the event go to both local charities in the Houston-Katy area as well as other charities around the world. A few of the charities represented are: The Rainbow Room, Future Farmers of America, The Shaw Center, along with various disaster relief efforts and fine arts programs locally. The event is fully staffed by volunteers, which means that no one works the event to turn a profit, and 100 percent of the net gross goes back to the community. Not many events can say that.

While showcasing the philanthropic expertise of the WWBF is certainly important, it is still a beer event first and foremost. Over 6,300 people traveled from as far as the Netherlands to enjoy the raucous atmosphere and wide beer selection at the WWBF in 2015, and event organizers are hoping...

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Southern Brewers Conference
Nashville, TN
August 3 - 6

Craft beer is an industry replete with events and festivals. Many of them are a well-established and highly entrenched part of the fabric of the industry, but as the movement grows, so too does the desire for enjoyable, informative and interesting beer events. Many new beer events crop up every year, and 2016 is certainly no different.

It is my honor to introduce the Southern Brewers Conference as one of our Editor’s Choice events for our spring 2016 issue.

This is the inaugural rendition of the Southern Brewers Conference, which is a regional, industry-only event featuring a two-day trade show, educational seminars, social events, and more. The event begins on August 3 and lasts until August 5, and is located in Nashville, Tennessee. “The Southern Brewers is meant for education, networking and the growth of the craft brewing industry in the South,” according to an event spokesman.

Organized by Candace Price, founder of Half Full Productions, and Matthew Leff, founder of Rhizome Productions Inc., the Southern Brewers Conference will highlight beers brewed in the southern region. Specifically, beers and trends from the following...

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