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Ficklewood Ciderworks: First Cidery in Long Beach, California

Ficklewood Ciderworks: First Cidery in Long Beach, California

Ficklewood Ciderworks has officially broken ground on its new facility in downtown Long Beach, California -- making it the first cidery in the city.

Ficklewood is set to open in the fall of 2019. The full release from the brewery is below.

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Ficklewood Ciderworks has officially broken ground in the booming downtown area of Long Beach and will become the city’s first cidery. The building, once the only Department of Motor Vehicles in Long Beach during the 1930-40s, is being recast into Ficklewood Ciderworks. Ficklewood aims to become a timeless installation where guests can experience both traditional cider making in addition to modern twists of a beverage quickly gaining in popularity again across the nation.

At Ficklewood, guests will find a diverse collection of rotating taps with locally inspired releases, carefully sourced ingredients, and mouthwatering collaborations. While cider can sometimes be thought of as a ‘sweet’ or ‘sugary’ beverage, Ficklewood will focus on dry to semi-dry ciders. The founders are in-fact dedicated to helping reshape the cider expectations of Southern California and grow a community of cider lovers with discriminating and sophisticated palates. In doing so, Ficklewood will become much more than a place to have a drink but a place of complete experience, from learning cider traditions, lore, and cider making, to the proper pour and serving glass.

The community focused brand offers a range of flavors that will tickle the taste buds of both cider connoisseurs and first-time cider drinkers alike. As a modern cidery, guests can expect artistic infused creations using botanicals like hops & hibiscus, fresh fruits such as blueberries & mango, in addition to adjuncts such as honey, belgian candi and charred oak. Ficklewood will also make traditional ciders using a proprietary blend of old-world traditions and new-world processes. As production takes hold, Stefan and Joe plan to expand their offerings to include complex fermentations, barrel aging, and even apple brandy.

Ficklewood’s design takes important cues from its hometown. The owners have Long Beach pride and admire the diversity and inclusive culture of their town. Ficklewood Ciderworks will be welcoming and invites guests into a world that playfully merges organic and modern in a style that’s as eclectic and diverse as its Long Beach community. Inside you’ll find elements that are locally inspired and sprinkled with traditional touches that pay homage to the origins of cider.

Long before renderings and photoshoots the two had been climbing the ladder that bridges their backyards almost every night geeking out over the perfect cider creation.  From neighbors, to best friends to passionate cider makers, founders Joe Farrier and Stefan Enjem dreamed of a place where they could bring the community together.

Using their engineering backgrounds, entrepreneurial grit and love for food and beverage they soon became enamored with the idea of bringing their delicious creations to the city they adored so much. Birthed by passion and innovation this magical brand serves as an extension of its playful and bespoke origins. Welcome to Ficklewood.

Ficklewood Ciderworks is scheduled to open its doors in the Fall of 2019 at 720 E. Broadway Ave. Long Beach CA