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Flying Dog Brewery Unveils High-ABV Killer Hard Tea


Flying Dog Brewery Unveils High-ABV Killer Hard Tea

Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, Maryland has announced the release of a new hard iced tea called Killer Hard Tea. Full details are below.

Frederick, Md. – Grab life by the tea bags this week and pick up Killer Hard Tea - the latest Gonzo Drinks release from Flying Dog Brewery.

Handcrafted and brewed with attitude, Killer is the next level in hard teas. Effervescent and packed with bold flavors, Killer Hard Tea is the perfect companion to celebrate all the big (and not so big) wins in life. Turning suffocating meetings at the office into just an email, putting together shockingly fashionable outfits that make heads turn, remembering which day of the week is “recycling day” and standing up to your neighbor who is in fact stealing your packages - all examples of someone killing it, if only for a moment. And now that moment has a drink.

“Killer Hard Tea is a drink for people who love dominating life,” said Ben Savage, Chief Marketing Officer at Flying Dog Brewery. “Whether it’s crushing it every day at work, home, vacation, parenting, entertaining, climbing rocks, skipping rocks, or collecting rocks. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you kill it.”

Arriving just in time for Thanksgiving, and those colorful conversations with the extended family, Killer Hard Tea hits shelves in 12 packs of 12 oz cans exclusively in Maryland beginning the week of November 14. Killer Hard Tea will launch beyond Maryland beginning in January 2023, just in time for the best parts of winter – snowball fights, licking flagpoles, making love by the fire, or remembering whether to defrost your windshield with hot or cold air.

How does Killer Hard Tea slay other teas?

  • Unrestrained Flavor
    Smooth black tea and bright pops of lemon jump out of the can to ignite your mouth hole and deliver expectation-exceeding levels of refreshment.
  • Hint of Carbonation
    Sneaky bubbles dive in deep to tickle your ribcage and enhance the sipping experience, setting this tea apart from its competitors.
  • Amped Up ABV

This ain’t your Nana’s tea party so put your pinkies down. Killer Hard Tea comes with an explosive 8% ABV, putting the tea back in party.

  • Craft Attitude
    30+ years of independent craft brewing experience from the unapologetic, risk-taking brewery that continues to Cut the Leash and smash expectations.

Killer Hard Tea is the first solo product offering from Flying Dog’s new “beyond beer” division, Gonzo Drinks. Driven by bold brand personalities, unexpected flavors and unapologetic ABVs, Gonzo Drinks is leveraging 30+ years of brewing experience and innovation to create a collection of delicious craft drinks that dismantle the status quo in adult beverage industry.

Consumers can visit the Killer Hard Tea Finder to locate inventory at a retail location near them: killerhardtea.com/find-killer. Additional information about Killer Hard Tea’s wider distribution will be available in early 2023.

About Flying Dog Brewery:

As the 35th largest craft brewery in the U.S., Flying Dog has a reputation for brewing premium beer that pushes the confines of traditional styles out of our home base in Frederick, MD. From hop-heavy favorites like The Truth Imperial IPA and Double Dog Double IPA to left-of-the-dial best sellers like Kujo Cold Brew Coffee Porter and Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale - we take pride in challenging the status quo. That unapologetic attitude for taking risks has fueled Flying Dog’s expansion into the beyond beer world with the creation of Gonzo Drinks, a new collection of full-flavored craft beverages driven by unexpected flavors and amped up ABVs. At Flying Dog, we challenge conformity, embrace the weird, and encourage you to Cut The Leash and reclaim your independence. For more information visit flyingdog.com.