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Fort Collins Announces Kettle Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale

Fort Collins Brewery has announced the latest of its Savor Series, a Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale. For all the details, see below:

Fort Collins, CO – Fort Collins Brewery (FCB) announces the second season of their top-rated Savor Series beer, Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale. Continuing with FCB’s commitment to sustainability this Imperial Red Ale is now available in single 16-ounce cans. FCB’s Savor Series is a limited batch reserve series, featuring beer styles that are innovative and on the forefront of bold flavors and styles. Producing a deep mahogany hue and aromas of rich cherry flavors with a hint of candy sweetness, this captivating brew is perfect for any beer lover with an adventurous palate.

Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale undergoes a two-day brew process, utilizing traditional kettle-souring techniques. The addition of lactobacillus to the wort in the boil kettle provides this exquisite beer with a tart, lactic kick. “Dark cherries are added during the fermentation process”, says FCB Lead Brewer Taylor Krantz. “This addition provides a hint of sweetness that matches nicely to the beer’s sour profile.” The moderately high alcohol content, use of caramel malts, and a slight touch of salinity nicely balance out the beer’s two distinct flavor profiles.

This limited edition, Kettle-Soured Dark Cherry Imperial Red Ale is ideal for the beer connoisseur, as it is intended to savor one now and cellar one for that special occasion down the road. With an 8.3% ABV, this Imperial Red Ale provides beer lovers with a medium mouthfeel and a dry finish, certain to keep you coming back for more.