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Fort Collins Sold, Rebranded to Canadian Red Truck Beer Co.

Colorado's Fort Collins Brewery is selling its building and assets to Canada's Red Truck Beer Company, according to its owners Tom, Jan and Tina Peters. 

Red Truck will rebrand Fort Collins' $4 million, 35,000 sq. ft facility into a U.S. headquarters and restaurant -- a strong foray into the US beer market. The building will be remodeled into a "truck-stop brewery". Details of the deal were not disclosed.

“We could see that Fort Collins was the epicenter for first class brewing in the US,” said Red Truck founder Mark James. “There is an amazing community of brewers and connoisseurs here and we are excited to become a part of the community.”

The majority of Fort Collins employees will be laid off in the coming months, though a few will stay on to help the business transition. With its employees, so will go the beer. However, Red Truck has stated it is exploring contract brewing opportunities in order to keep on existing employees.

2017 marked FCB's 13th year in business. Its beer will cease production in July.