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Fountain Introduces CBD Sparkling Water

Fountain Introduces CBD Sparkling Water

Fountain in New York City has announced a line of CBD Sparkling Water infused with hemp extract. Full details from the company are below.

NEW YORK– Fountain will launch a line of hemp extract infused (CBD) sparkling seltzer sold through a direct-to-consumer website in April 2020 and the product will hit retail shelves by the summer.

The brand’s commitment to quality, clarity, and simplicity allows Fountain to play in two exploding categories: sparkling water, and CBD consumables. Unlike others in the CBD water category Fountain is able to boast zero calories and zero sugar without sacrificing anything in taste and refreshment. It pours crisp and crystal clear with all natural true-to-fruit flavors of Cucumber, Grapefruit, and Lime to launch, packed in traditional 12 oz. cans and sold as 6-packs of each flavor, or as a mixed 12-packs. The 20mg of full-spectrum CBD per serving is grown and processed in New York State, and produced and canned in the company’s own New York City facility, making Fountain a truly local NYC brand.

“Fountain works wherever and whenever. We’ve positioned it to transcend the niche; it could be the first thing you drink in the morning, it could be the thing that picks you up when the 2 p.m. slump hits, or it could make a great cocktail mixer,” says Co-Founder and CEO Bruce Wilpon  “We don’t find it necessary to talk about CBD in terms of its effect. Fountain is not a cure or an elixir, it’s just water. Water you look forward to.” adds his Co-founder and CCO Tomas Larsson.

Elevated in design

Fountain’s instantly iconic branding and product design is the result of a close partnership with top design firm Pentagram in New York.

“We noticed that lot of other CBD-infused products tend to look clean and elegant but kind of medicinal. We wanted to inject more youthfulness and fun,” says Pentagram partner Michael Bierut. What his team has created is a brand system that allows for growth with additional new flavors, and future product expansions, with a spiked seltzer already in the works. The design is an instant classic that ensures Fountain cans and case packs will stand out in retail, and the brand really comes to life on social media and digital channels.

Elevated in craft

“We feel very comfortable talking about Fountain as a craft product,” says Wilpon ”We make it in New York City with New York City water, we package it in our own production facility with a brand and product team that has decades of craft brewing and beverage experience.” With such a dynamic core team in place, and product fresh off the production line, look to for D2C deliveries starting April.

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