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Four Beers by Two Roads Brewing Co. Named to The Beer Connoisseur's Top 100 Beers of 2019

Four Beers by Two Roads Brewing Co. Named to The Beer Connoisseur's Top 100 Beers of 2019

Two Roads Brewing Co. in Stratford, Connecticut has announced that 4 of its beers have been named to our list of the Top 100 Beers of 2019. Leading the charge was Cruise Control at #2 overall, though Table Terroir, Synopsis Dark Sour Cherry and Two Juicy were also included. More details from the brewery are below.

This year ended with a bang as four beers from Two Roads Brewing Co. and Area Two Experimental Brewing made Beer Connoisseur’s Top 100 Beers of 2019, including Cruise Control Helles Lager that was voted as the 2nd Best Beer of the Year by a panel of experts at the publication. 

CEO Brad Hittle commented that “our brewers know how to produce outstanding beers that are highly respected by experts and loved by our customers.  We’ve had lots of accolades but to culminate the year with these awards is icing on the cake.”  Two Juicy, a hazy juicy IPA was rated 83rd overall and 5th best among hazy IPAs, Table Terroir was #44 overall and ranked #2 among American wild ales, while Dark Cherry Synopsis was 76th overall.

“This list enforces the strength and diversity of our portfolio” added Clem Pellani, Partner and Chief Commercial Officer. “Dark Cherry Synopsis and Table Terroir both highlight our teams’ ability to push the experimental boundaries, while Two Juicy keeps racking up awards since being named a top ten beer in the U.S. by Wine Enthusiast in 2018.  We could not be prouder of these achievements.”  

According to Beer Connoisseur, the official review is conducted in a single blind tasting format that adheres to the Beer Judge Certification Program 2015 Style Guidelines by hand-selected judges who have a minimum BJCP ranking of “National” or Master Cicerone®.