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Fulton Brewing Announces Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

Fulton Brewing Announces Grapefruit Lonely Blonde

Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced the release of a fruited variant of its popular year-round beer Lonely Blonde.

Lonely Blonde is a crisp and refreshing Blonde Ale, and its grapefruit variant is brewed with grapefruit puree and "dry-zested" with grapefruit zest.

The full release from the brewery, which also includes information on a new mixed 12-pack, is below.

OUT NOW: Grapefruit Lonely Blonde 

For years now we've occasionally tinkered with our flagship beers. Mainly this has come in the form of various infusion keg one-offs for special events. But one that kept reappearing (and was hard to ignore) was our take on a fruited Lonely Blonde. More specifically, a grapefruited version. Sometimes you don't know a good thing when you've got it and that definitely applied here. Eventually it finally dawned on us and we're now happy to report that after nearly an entire year of R&D, we're introducing our very first brand extension of our #1 beer (Lonely Blonde, duh). Fermented on grapefruit puree and "dry-zested" with grapefruit zest, you'll find yourself wondering why we didn't do this earlier.

Fulton Spring Mixed 12 pack (Sampler Vol. 2)

Focus your wonderful eyeballs on this dazzling dozen. We're back with the 2nd Vol. of our Fulton Sampler Mixed 12 pack just in time for some days that include some actual sunshine (finally). Better yet is the delicate ratio of brand new-to-year-round beers comprising this pack. We've got an incredible new IPA simply called "Sabro" after the newly developed Sabro hop that shines it's unique flavors throughout the bottle. Also a new one for Fulton- "Blackberry Wit"- Another cleverly named Fulton beer that is our take on a traditional Belgian Wit. We kept it quite traditional till near the end of fermentation when we added hundreds of pounds of fresh blackberry puree to the tank. The delicious result? Well, you're going to have to find out for yourself.

Find Blackberry Wit and Sabro IPA alongside Hopstar and Lonely Blonde in our limited Sampler Vol. 2 now!