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Fulton Brewing Unveils 2019 Release Calendar and New Beers

Fulton Brewing Unveils 2019 Release Calendar and New Beers

Fulton Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota has announced its full 2019 beer release calendar for the new year.

In addition to the brewery's popular year-round offerings, which include 300 IPA, Sweet Child of Vine IPA, Lonely Blonde and Standard Lager (among others), the brewery will make numerous additions to its rotating Garage Series.

The most notable addition to the Garage Series will be a new version of Lonely Blonde that is brewed with grapefruit. The full release from Fulton is below.

What's a bit of introspection and looking-back if not for a great opportunity to do the complete opposite and get starry-eyed for the future? Right? In doing such we present to you (above) the 2019 Fulton Brewing Brand Calendar in all it's tentative splendor. For those following along with Fulton over the years you'll quickly notice how much newness we have planned for everyone next year. Coffee, fruit, mixed packs, and our first Radler all play supporting roles in what's about to be an extremely tasty year ahead. But we think one of the most exciting things of note is our brand extension of Minnesota's favorite American Blonde Ale...

What happens when you take your favorite thing and give it a twist? Pure, refreshing, awesomeness is what happens. We took your go-to beer and added the perfect amount of grapefruit to give it just enough citrusy goodness to leave you wanting more. Like the classic version, it's smooth, easy-drinking, and nearly perfect for any occasion. After months of testing and keeping secrets we've got our sights happily locked on April for a launch (just in time for warmer months ahead). Stay tuned!