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Germain-Robin Re-Releases Two Limited Brandies

Germain-Robin Re-Releases Two Limited Brandies

Germain-Robin in Modesto, California has announced the re-release of two different brandies in limited quantities. The full details can be found below.

MODESTO, Calif., (February 24, 2020)—When Germain-Robin joined the E. & J. Gallo (Gallo) spirits family in 2017, Gallo pledged to uphold the legacy set forth by legendary founders Hubert Germain-Robin and Ansley J. Coale Jr.: deliver the most exquisite brandy executed with the highest quality standards. Gallo honors that promise today as Germain-Robin issues an exciting re-release of its two California brandies, the flagship expression Germain-Robin (SRP: $75) and Germain-Robin XO (SRP: $125). These two brandies are exciting rarities that will be released in very limited quantities—only 2,300 6-pack cases (1,400 of Germain-Robin and 900 of Germain-Robin XO) will be available for 2020.

Germain-Robin, renowned for its world-class alembic brandy, is handcrafted with classic cognac stills, using complex and aromatic California grapes, including Pinot Noir and Sémillon. The Germain-Robin flagship is a new expression celebrating the best of the hallmark house style, with its signature balance of elegant fruit and French oak. Germain-Robin Brandy is based on California-grown Colombard grapes, a cornerstone of traditional brandy making. Germain-Robin XO is a continuation of the pinnacle legacy XO offering that highlights the unique flavor and characteristics of California Pinot Noir grapes. Both expressions are distilled exclusively in Pruhlo Charentais Pot Stills and aged in air-dried Limousin Oak Barrels. The small production new release will be available starting in March 2020.

Hubert Germain-Robin, Germain-Robin’s co-founder, returned to work alongside Gallo’s Master Distiller David Warter for this release, bringing his decades of brandy making experience back to the bottle. “Learning from Hubert himself—a master distiller and blender who changed the way brandy is perceived around the world, and whose family history with brandy dates back centuries—was exceptional,” says Warter. “Hubert and I have a shared vision that is very simple: to make the best brandy possible, perhaps even the best brandy in the world.” Refusing to take any shortcuts, the team has remained laser focused on quality – ceaselessly working since integration to ensure that each of the two final expressions continue the traditions of the house in its tireless pursuit of excellence.

Eric Entrikin, Master Sommelier and Spirits Brand Ambassador for Germain-Robin, agrees. Eric is the first and only Master Sommelier to exclusively represent a spirits brand, and his role marks an exciting milestone for both the Gallo Spirits portfolio and the California Premium Brandy category. He is delighted by the re-release, and to see the history and quality of the Germain-Robin brand come to life again. “Germain-Robin has always been special to me as it was the first American Brandy ever placed on the top shelf alongside the best Cognac. I wondered why until I tried it myself and became hooked,” says Entrikin.

The new Germain-Robin release also comes with beautifully re-designed packaging: each bottle is now stamped with the brand’s bespoke Redwood icon. Britt West, VP and GM of Gallo Spirits, could not be more thrilled with the results after years of dedication perfecting every detail, of both the package redesign and the liquid. “Gallo is standing on the shoulders of giants, seeking to uphold the unwavering pursuit of perfection in brandy making. There is no greater giant than the Redwood Tree, and no greater California Brandy than Germain-Robin,” says West.

Germain-Robin has always crafted its brandy with traditional alembic Cognac stills, but using unconventional, flavorful, and complex California wine grapes. Embracing the rich tradition of hand-distillation while harnessing the potential of California wine, Germain-Robin set a new standard of excellence in brandy that has been recognized worldwide.

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About Germain-Robin

Germain-Robin began as the unlikely union of two creative minds: Ansley J Coale Jr., a professor driving along a Northern California highway, and Hubert Germain-Robin, a hitchhiking Cognac distiller. The two created Germain-Robin in 1982, the first California Brandy that broke free from the constraints of Cognac. This is a spirit designed to celebrate the full richness and complexity of California wine grapes—unlike most brandies, which are made from a single, neutrally flavored grape variety. Each bottle of Germain-Robin is hand-distilled and bottled in extremely small-batches, using Alembic Cognac stills and ancient artisan techniques perfected over the centuries. Acquired by E. & J. Gallo Winery in 2017, Germain-Robin continues its unrivaled pursuit of excellence today–advancing the art of fine California Brandy into a new era.