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Gin Lane 1751 Distillery Announces US Importer

Gin Lane 1751 Distillery Announces US Importer

Gin Lane 1751, a premier distillery of gin in London, England has announced that M.S. Walker will be its U.S. Importer. More details from the distillery are below.

BOSTON, Mass. – M.S. Walker has today announced its appointment as the U.S. importer for Gin Lane 1751. Produced in small batches in London by 8th-generation distiller, Charles Maxwell, Gin Lan 1751 is handcrafted in the style of gins from the Victorian era using eight fine botanicals.

Gin Lane 1751 currently offers four craft gins – London Dry, ‘Victoria’ Pink Gin, Old Tom Gin, and London Dry Royal Strength. The London Dry expression is a full-bodied gin with a predominance of juniper, star anise and refreshing citrus. The ‘Victoria’ Pink Gin is a well-balanced gin with juniper at the forefront and a harmonious balance of herbal and spiced bitters. The ‘Old Tom’ expression is a lighter, sweeter style of gin and was very common in Victorian times. The London Dry Royal Strength is distilled to a higher proof than the standard London Dry expression, with the higher alcohol content allowing the botanicals to further release and give off more pronounced flavors.

Gin Lane 1751 joins M.S. Walker’s growing national import portfolio of craft spirits, which includes West Cork Distillers, Mezcales de Leyenda, Peloton de la Muerte, Grand Mayan Tequila, Amaro dell’Etna, Garnish Island Gin, Grand MacNish Blended Scotch, Islay Mist Blended Scotch, El Cobre Tequila, Monteru French Brandy, NAUD Cognac and more.

For more information on Gin Lane 1751, please visit www.ginlane1751.com.