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Green Flash Announces National Distribution for Cans

Green Flash co-founder and CEO Mike Hinkley has announced that the company will begin distributing six-packs of its 12-ounce canned offerings nationwide. The cans, which include Passion Fruit Kicker, Session Jibe IPA and Sea to Sea Zwickel Lager should hit shelves in June, following their successful limited-distribution run.

“Green Flash continues to evolve, learn and grow through our interactions with our customers,” said Mike Hinkley.  “Our biggest fans want to bring Green Flash with them to more and more occasions, and cans provide them that opportunity.”

Cans have continued to see a resurgence in the U.S. marketplace, due to prolonged shelf-life and environmental sustainability compared to bottles. This year, around 18,000 cases will be produced, compared to last year's 2000 cases. Green Flash intends to increase its canning once it has a found a "permanent canning solution." For now, it's working with a mobile packaging company, Mobile West Canning.