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Halyard Brewing Co. Expands Distribution of Alcoholic Ginger Beer to 42 States

Halyard Brewing Co. Expands Distribution of Alcoholic Ginger Beer to 42 States

Halyard Brewing Co.'s alcoholic ginger beer has announced the addition of 42 states to its distribution footprint. Full details from the brewery are below.

Pewaukee, Wis. – Brew Pipeline, a direct-access platform between craft brewers and new markets, announced today it’s partnering with Halyard Brewing Company to bring its alcoholic ginger beers to 42 additional states outside existing New England distribution. Halyard’s alcoholic ginger beer will be added to Brew Pipeline’s PORTFOLIO program, available for long-term, year-round distribution. Using organic and fair trade ingredients, Nicole’s Extra, Volcano Juice and The Breeze will be the focus brands in these markets. 

“We’re excited to welcome Halyard Brewing Company to the Brew Pipeline family,” says Steve Kwapil, CEO and co-founder of Brew Pipeline. “Until now, we’ve focused solely on the best craft breweries in the country. But Halyard is such a great addition to our portfolio. And their alcoholic ginger beers will immediately become the domestic best-selling entries in the category dominated but just a few imported brands.”  

“We are thrilled to partner with Brew Pipeline,” says Kenny Richards, founder of Halyard Brewing Company. “We have people reaching out to us from all over the country asking for our ginger beer. With Brew Pipeline, we can finally get our brews to stores in their neighborhoods, and share our delicious ginger beers in regions we’d never have been able to reach before.”

Halyard is available in 6 and 12-packs as well as on draft. Product specs include:

* Nicole's Extra

   * A Caribbean style ginger beer with fresh ginger heat and island aromatics

   * 6.0% ABV

* The Breeze

   * Tropical ginger beer brewed with hibiscus and lime

   * 4.5% ABV

* Volcano Juice

   * Refreshing ginger beer shandy brewed with organic lemons. Slightly sweet with a crisp and gingery lemon bite

   * 4.1% ABV

Over the last couple of years, Halyard has worked to rediscover the lost art of brewing alcoholic ginger beer  – first brewed during the colonial spice trade when ginger from southeast Asia and cane sugar from the Caribbean were fermented to produce a mildly alcoholic beer. Ginger beer was one of America’s favorite beverages until the 1920s when prohibition put a stop to public production and sale of alcoholic ginger beer, leaving it largely forgotten. Today, Halyard has built on recipes dating back to the 1750s, reviving a pre-prohibition era ferment that is naturally gluten-free, low in sugar and of course delicious. 

About Brew Pipeline: 

Led by industry veterans, Brew Pipeline is the first direct-access platform between the best craft brewers and new markets across the nation. Forward-thinking initiatives including Portfolio, Collab, and Guest Brewer provide a number of opportunities to connect brewers to new markets, retailers and consumers. As a one-stop solution for all logistics beyond the brewers’ dock, Brew Pipeline handles everything from marketing and promotions to order harvesting, registrations and chain communications. Additionally, they provide resources that build brewers brands, expand distributor portfolios, adding true incremental dollars to both breweries and distributors alike. For more information, visit www.brewpipeline.com and follow on social media @brewpipline and @guestbrewer. 

About Halyard Brewing Company:

Halyard Brewing Company brews alcoholic ginger beer with whole ingredients and fresh organic ginger. Our ginger beers are naturally gluten-free, great in cocktails, and incredibly drinkable right from the can. Based on pre-prohibition recipes, we are revitalizing a forgotten American beverage, and are proud brewers of the American Craft Ginger Beer. Please check out our website www.halyardbrewing.us or follow us on Instagram @halyardbrewing.