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HempAde Relaunches Line of Hemp-Infused Fruit Drinks

HempAde Relaunches Line of Hemp-Infused Fruit Drinks

HempAde is pleased to announce the relaunch of its hemp-infused fruit drinks with real fruit juice. These hemp beverages come in a variety of flavors. Full details on HempAde's offerings are below.

HempAde is pleased to announce the relaunch of our hemp infused fruit drinks that now include real fruit juice. These five, lower calorie, lower sugar, all natural functional beverages (Strawberry, Mango, Coconut, Watermelon and Passion Fruit) are loaded with omega 3s (200mgs per bottle) and omega 6s (600mgs per bottle).

Consumers are becoming aware of all the recent articles that communicate the health benefits, such as circulation, brain function and heart health associated with hemp ingredients and the omega components. Just as important, a vast majority of consumers are embracing less sugar beverages.

As quoted by the President and equity partner, Tony Giannini, “All hemp products are realizing a tremendous sales surge over the past five years as more consumers become educated on the homeopathic advantages. Furthermore, the percentage of consumers that have tried over the counter, ingestible hemp products is still in single digits. There is a huge upside for continued growth.”

HempAde does not include any CBDs or THC, thus, there are no legal issues related to retailers merchandising HempAde. In fact, a vast majority of retailers currently carry some hemp products, such as hemp milk, hemp seeds, granolas, etcetera.

In addition to upgrading our flavor profiles, we are also introducing a new 16oz bottle with a premium label design. We encourage you to experience these new age elixirs by contacting Tony Giannini at [email protected] or 650-400-2522.