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Highland Brewing Co.'s "Give Back with Gaelic" Campaign Raises 25K for Hospitality

Highland Brewing Co.'s "Give Back with Gaelic" Campaign Raises 25K for Hospitality

Highland Brewing Co. in Asheville, North Carolina has announced it has raised $25,000 for 12 local non-profits in the hospitality community. Full details are below.

 “Hospitality at its core is a showing of generosity and goodwill,” said Highland Marketing Director, Julie Funke. “This campaign honored those fundamentals, and we are proud to help take care of our own when they need it most.”

Funds raised will be divided based on Gaelic sales in each locality between the following organizations:  

·       NC Restaurant Workers Relief Fund (NC)

·       United Way Central Carolinas (NC)

·       Second Harvest Food Bank (NC)

·       Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC (NC)

       Loaves and Fishes (SC)

·       United Way Piedmont (SC)

·       The Lot Project (SC)

·       South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association (SC)

·       Virginia Restaurant and Hospitality Relief Fund (VA)

·       TN Action for Hospitality (TN)

·       Giving Kitchen (GA)

·       CORE (FL)

Highland will present the funds to the non-profit organizations the week of Dec. 20. While the Give Back with Gaelic campaign packaging will switch back to Gaelic’s original packaging after the close of the campaign, the brewery’s commitment to the community and the ideals of hospitality remains a year-round priority. For more information on this campaign, visit www.highlandbrewing.com/giveback.

ABOUT HIGHLAND BREWING: Highland Brewing was founded in 1994 by retired engineer and entrepreneur Oscar Wong, establishing it as the pioneer of Asheville, NC’s now booming craft beer industry. Proudly regional, Highland’s beers are distributed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Highland is committed to quality and sustainability, boasting the sixth largest solar array in an American craft brewery. Today, the company is led by Wong’s daughter, Leah Wong Ashburn, and serves as the largest independent, family-owned, and operated brewery native to the Southeast. Located in a rehabilitated manufacturing facility in East Asheville, the brewery affords space for visitors to enjoy limited release beers and live music. For more information, visit www.highlandbrewing.com. Follow Highland on Twitter at @HighlandBrews and Instagram at @HighlandBrewing. Become a fan on Facebook at facebook.com/HighlandBrewingCompany.