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Holiday 2017, Issue 33

Holiday 2017, Issue 33
Holiday 2017, Issue 33

As things start to cool down, beers come to life. They grow bigger, bolder, more warming and charming. Their hues skew deeper, with the green of summer hops giving way to the rich browns and blacks of malty brews.

It's an exciting time of year for the beer drinker -- some would argue it's the most justifiable, and therefore most guilt free season to imbibe. We're certainly not complaining.

For The Beer Connoisseur, the Holidays signal a shift to gift giving (not always beer-related), delicious food and drink, and a reason to get together over a pint with those who matter most.

Mark your calendars and unleash your beer suitcases, grab a pint and enjoy Holiday 2017, Issue #33 of The Beer Connoisseur!

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