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Holiday 2020, Issue 51

It's time for the 51st issue of The Beer Connoisseur Magazine!

First up is our sit-down with famed Unibroue Brewmaster Jerry Vietz. The bowler hat-wearing icon delves into a wide array of topics, including his collaboration with Megadeth lead singer Dave Mustaine, the incredible acclaim that his beers have received over the year, as well as what he gets up to in his (rare) spare time.

After that, Michael Maloney explores 10 influential U.S. craft beers and how these beers have changed the course of brewing history, and Owen Ogletree drops by with an in-depth look at the role of yeast in brewing, exploring a number of different avenues involving this fascinating and mercurial organism.

Then, Dean Brightman continues the education kick with a definition of a coolship in The Function of a Coolship in Brewing Wild Ales. By the end of the piece, you’ll be an expert on this “giant brownie baking pan” for brewing beer.

Seth Levy jumps in with a treatise on the role that whiskey plays in barrel-aged beer, and then Jessica Zimmer provides a list of 15 winter warmer beers for the holiday season.

We close up the issue with a collection of three easy dishes perfectly paired with beer by Michael Thacker, and then Jessica Zimmer returns with a tour of Salt Lake City’s Uinta Brewing.

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Jerry Vietz of Unibroue Talks Beer, Brewing and Bowler Hats
The bowler hat-wearing icon of Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec, Canada
 delves into a wide array of topics related to beer, brewing and more.

Understanding Whiskey in Barrel-Aged Beer
Seth Levy explores the role that whiskey plays in barrel-aged beer as well as other topics.



The Role of Yeast in Brewing
Owen Ogletree drops by for an in-depth look at this fascinating and mercurial organism.

The Function of a Coolship in Brewing Wild Ales
Dean Brightman helps to define
 this “giant brownie baking pan” for brewing beer.




10 Influential US Craft Beers
Michael Maloney explores these influential U.S. craft beers and how they have changed the course of brewing history.

15 Winter Warmers for the Holidays
A list of sultry winter warmer seasonals that are sure to tide you over during frigid winter temperatures.



Impress Guests During the Holidays with Three Easy Dishes Perfectly Paired with Beer
These beer and food pairings from Michael Thacker are sure to increase the holiday cheer levels at your family Christmas parties.

Uinta Brewing Tour
This Salt Lake City, Utah jewel is given the BC Brewery Tour treatment from Jessica Zimmer with ample details on the brewery and its processes.



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring Monday Night Here Comes the Sun, Bhramari Holy Simcoe, Batman!, Flying Dog Kujo and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.

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