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Holy City Brewing Releases Paradise IPA

Paradise by Holy City Brewing Co.

Holy City Brewing is preparing to relaunch Paradise, their session IPA, in new cans that showcase an aerial view of the South Carolina Lowcountry, and pays tribute to the wildlife and plant life that lives there. The cans will serve to raise awareness for the Coastal Conservation League, an organization that has worked with the community as well as businesses and interest groups to keep the nature and the beauty of South Carolina through multiple endeavors and to ensure policies are put in place for natural preservation. The organization tackles this goal on multiple fronts, with focuses on energy, climate, air, water, energy, climate, food, agriculture and transportation to balance the growth of a bustling community with the preservation of the natural environment.

Holy City Brewing is proud to help raise awareness for the organization and its efforts with their re-launch of Paradise IPA’s six-packs, for sale at grocery stores, craft beer stores, and other retail and wholesale alcohol shops on February 16th. The beer is light in body, and features the floral aromatics of Mosaic hops, coupled with the grapefruit notes of Citra. The beer weighs in at 5.0% ABV, so it is best enjoyed in the heat of the Carolina sun.

The beer was released in 2016, originally helping to raise awareness for the Don’t Drill SC non-profit organization, which was fighting offshore oil drilling on the Carolina coast. World-renown street artist Shephard Fairey provided the original artwork, and the organization succeeded in holding back the drilling efforts so close to the community. With the new can by Stitch Design Co. and a new cause, Holy City Brewing looks to further aid the community by pairing up with the Coastal Conservation League. Further inquiries about the beer and fighting the good fight can be directed towards [email protected].

In 2011, Joel Carl, Sean Nemitz and Chris Brown partnered with Mac Minaudo to form Holy City Brewing. The Charleston craft beer scene was only a fledgling venture, and they saw this as an opportunity to bring their passion to the open market. The brewery now makes 6,000 barrels of beer per year, and has brewed over 100 different styles and varieties. Holy City Brewing enjoys working with the community, and continuing to make Charleston and its surrounding areas a better place to live. Cheers!