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How Are Online Casinos Winning Over the Player?

In order for online casinos to function legally, they have to offer chances for players to win.

How Are Online Casinos Winning Over the Player?

It's hard for player to win frequently over an online casino without taking advantage of the slots' offers and bonuses. Sometimes it can feel as if the whole system is built against you, but that is not true. In order for an online casino to function legally, they have to offer a chance for the player to win.

So, why does it feel like the online casino always wins over the player?

The House Edge

One term that all casino games players are familiar with is the house edge. But do people really understand what it means.

The house edge is an amount that the online casino will always receive when players make a bet. It is essentially the casinos income.

The house edge is different between different casino games but it ensures that the online casino makes the profit it needs to pay out the winnings and still function as a business. This house edge slightly tips the odds in the favour of the online casino so that they have a better chance to recoup their profits.

In a game like roulette an online casino site might set the odds at around 1 in 36, negating the 37th number from the game, the double zeros. This is a sly way to manipulate the casino game in order to walk away with a profit. The house edge is made public and players can check these statistics on the games main page.

It might sound evil, but it is a necessary evil. It’s not just the house edge that contributes to the online casinos winnings though.

The Odds

Another reason it seems as if the online casino always wins is that players misunderstand how the odds in a game work.

Yes, it is 1 in 37 chance of a player landing their number on a game of roulette and you can read that all over the web. However, this number does change throughout the game.

The odds of a player winning greatly increases the longer they play the casino game. If a number comes up, the odds of that number appearing again decreases and the odds of all the other numbers increases.

By the time that a player finally gets their number to come up, they have already deposited a large amount and not won as much as the number is worth. That is one way the online casino beats the player.

This also works in reverse. If your number appears right away, it is wise not to bet on that number again for this very reason. The odds on a casino game are always in flux.


The main reason that online casinos win over players is because of the house edge. This is a necessary part of casino games that keeps the casino in profit. However, players can watch the odds and make note of how they are fluctuating to give themselves their own edge. It’s not much but it can help.

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