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Contributors (Issue 20)

Betsy Burts
Betsy Burts Beer Connoisseur
Betsy is a graphic designer and clay artist from the Atlanta area. She is a passionate home cook, lover of good food and drink, and a staunch supporter of organic, sustainable, local and non-GMO foods. She maintains an award-winning food and lifestyle blog, bitsandbreadcrumbs.com, and also owns her own design company. Graphiti Design Inc.. Check out her handmade clay art here.

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Martin Thibault
Martin Thibault Beer Connoisseur

A regular contributor, Martin won first place in the feature category from the North American Guild of Beer Writers for his story in The Beer Connoisseur, Issue 11 on "The Secret Farmhouse Brewers of Lithuania." His most recent co-authored book is Les Saveurs Gastronomiques de la Biere.

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Marty Jones
Marty Jones Beer Connoisseur

An acclaimed beer journalist, publicist and "Brewbadour", Marty Jones is one of Colorado's most ardent promoters of craft beer and its culture. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, an English degree and a few basic guitar chords changed his life for the better. Learn about his brewery-helping efforts at www.martyjones.com and hear his beer-blessed music at www.martyjones.net.

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