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Kit NA Brewing Introduces Exciting New Packaging and New Beer for 2024

Discover Kit NA Brewing's exciting 2024 refresh! Explore the crisp flavors of Get Set Wheat and vibrant new packaging across their non-alcoholic craft beer range. Join the movement towards premium, approachable beverages.

Kit NA Brewing Introduces Exciting New Packaging and New Beer for 2024

Kit NA Brewing, a pioneering force in the non-alcoholic craft beer realm based in Portland, Maine, is thrilled to reveal its latest innovation with the launch of Get Set Wheat. Formerly an IPA, Get Set has undergone a delightful metamorphosis, now embodying the tantalizing and invigorating essence of a wheat beer. Get Set Wheat boasts a vibrant and crushable profile, featuring hints of zesty orange peel and aromatic coriander, culminating in a velvety, satisfying finish.

This unveiling not only broadens Kit's product range but also caters to a diverse audience, meeting the escalating demand for this craft beer style. Get Set Wheat is now hitting shelves through distribution partners along the East Coast, as well as being conveniently available on Kit’s website and Amazon Prime. Consumers can indulge in Get Set Wheat through a 6-pack option or as part of Kit’s Starter Variety 12-pack.

In tandem with this exciting launch, Kit NA Brewing is debuting a fresh new look across its entire portfolio of cans, 6-pack cartons, and 12-pack cartons. The styles of On Your Mark, Get Set, Here We Go, and the Variety Pack are adorned with a brighter, more minimalist aesthetic, embodying vibrancy and accessibility. Notably, the revamped packaging prominently showcases the "non-alcoholic" label on the rim for effortless consumer recognition from any angle.

Recognizing the importance of engaging a diverse audience, Kit NA Brewing has incorporated a colorful mosaic backdrop into its refreshed packaging, further enticing the core non-alcoholic beer consumer. Moreover, consumers will find essential attributes highlighted on the cans and cartons, including vegan-friendly and gluten-removed labels, alongside an amplified presence of the non-alcoholic designation.

This revitalized packaging and the launch of Get Set Wheat underscore Kit NA Brewing’s unwavering dedication to evolving alongside the burgeoning NA category and elevating the overall brand experience.

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About Kit NA Brewing:

Kit NA Brewing, founded in 2021 by co-founders Rob Barrett and Will Fisher, makes 5x award-winning, crushable, craft-brewed non-alcoholic beer for everyone and every occasion. Available in 3 different flavors: On Your Mark (Blonde), Get Set (Wheat) and Here We Go (Hazy), Kit NA Brewing’s mission is to offer high-quality craft beer without the buzz, that does not compromise on taste or quality. #HaveAKit