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KLEER CBD Water Debuts CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

KLEER CBD Water Debuts CBD-Infused Sparkling Water

KLEER CBD in Woodinville, Washington has announced the release of new CBD-infused sparkling water. Full details on this product are below.

WOODINVILLE, Wash.– Mark Ihrig, co-owner with his wife Holly of KLEER CBD Water, is pleased to announce that they have just launched KLEER CBD Water as the newest member of their beverage portfolio.

Said Ihrig: “As the use of CBD consumables becomes more popular, we wanted to offer our customers something that is unique: A delicious soft drink that’s actually good for you. We developed KLEER CBD Water in collaboration with the leading supplier of CBD suspensions to the CBD consumables industry – SōRSE Technology, located in Seattle.”

This technology makes it possible for the CBD to remain evenly suspended throughout the can, so that the effect remains equal from the first sip down to the last.

KLEER CBD Water is a sparkling water that comes in three delicious flavors: Passion/Orange/Guava, Berry Blast, and Cucumber Lime. It is a 100% natural, non-GMO and THC-free beverage that contains 25 mg of hemp extract per can and zero sugar. Its effect is described as mildly relaxing.

The product is available online in packs of 12 cans of 12 oz each, and retails for $55.00. That’s approximately the cost of a quality craft beer. Shipping costs are included and purchases may be made either one-time or on a subscription basis at intervals selected by the customer.