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Miller Coors Acquires Hop Valley Brewing Company

Hop Valley Beer Connoisseur

Shortly after acquiring Georgia's Terrapin Beer Co., Miller Coors has announced that it has purchased Oregon-based Hop Valley Brewing Company via its higher-end subsidiary Tenth and Blake. 

The company also owns Blue Moon, Leinenkugel, Terrapin, and Saint Archer, which paints a coast-to-coast picture of strategic acquisitions based on location and, at least according to the buyers, for the craft brewers' expertise on certain styles.

“This partnership is an important regional play for Tenth and Blake as it provides us with a strong strategic partner in the IPA and hoppy beer space in the highest indexing craft market in the U.S.,” said Tenth and Blake President and CEO Scott Whitley. “Hop Valley’s approach is very much like Tenth and Blake’s in that it offers high-quality, innovative, sessionable craft beers—yet it brings heavy IPA experience that will complement Tenth and Blake’s portfolio," Whitley said.

Most well known for its Alphadelic and Citruss Mistress IPAs, Hop Valley was founded in Springfield, Oregon in 2009. In 2015 it brewed around 38,000 barrels. Per the norm, it will remain independently operated (on paper). 

If ABInBev's buyout of SABMiller proceeds as planned, MolsonCoors will purchase SABMiller's 58% share of MillerCoors. Stay tuned as news of further acquisitions breaks.