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Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer Revolutionizes the Beverage Industry

Discover the groundbreaking Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer – a gluten-free, organic, and vegan marvel. Explore a new era in craft beer with Miski Brewing Company. Taste the future of beer today!

Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer Revolutionizes the Beverage Industry

In a stunning display of innovation, the beverage industry witnesses a groundbreaking moment with the introduction of Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer. This remarkable achievement not only pays homage to tradition but propels it into the future, redefining the possibilities of beer consumption.

The journey to bring Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer to life began as a seemingly insurmountable challenge presented to Niagara College's Food & Beverage Innovation Centre during the pandemic. The mission was crystal clear: create a gluten-free beer that embodies the quintessential beer experience, from taste to appearance and aroma, using nothing but 100% quinoa. This bold initiative, spearheaded by Adrian Popowycz, Brewmaster Professor at Niagara College, marked an audacious step into uncharted territory, with no guarantees of success.

After three years of relentless dedication, numerous trials, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer was born. This pioneering creation stands as the very first of its kind: a beer crafted entirely from quinoa, proudly carrying Gluten-Free, Organic, Vegan, Kosher certifications, while being calorie-conscious and low in carbs. These achievements, realized in the face of uncertainty, underscore the extraordinary nature of this venture.

Presently, Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer is produced in a state-of-the-art gluten-free facility located in Barrie, Ontario. Its popularity is skyrocketing, with expansion into nearly 150 LCBO locations, grocery stores, select restaurants, and hotels across Ontario. The first shipment to neighboring Manitoba is already en route, and negotiations with distributors in the northern U.S. states are in progress.

The astounding success of Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer is heralding a new era in the craft beer industry. With additional variations like Ancestral Light (3.5%), Ancestral Belgian (6.2%), and Ancestral IPA (6.5%) in development, quinoa has emerged as an exceptional alternative in the premium craft beer market. This groundbreaking innovation extends an open invitation to fellow brewmasters to explore its endless possibilities.

Miski Ancestral Quinoa Beer isn't just a passing trend; it's a permanent addition to the world of craft beer. Its remarkable journey, from a daring challenge to a beloved product enjoyed by many, serves as a testament that when passion, innovation, and dedication converge, groundbreaking creations are destined to leave a lasting mark. Quinoa Beer is here to stay!

For more information on Miski Brewing Company and their exceptional brews, please visit and follow @miskibrewing for updates and announcements.