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Misunderstood Whiskey Joins Sazerac’s 375 Park Avenue Spirits Portfolio

Misunderstood Whiskey Joins Sazerac’s 375 Park Avenue Spirits Portfolio

Misunderstood Whiskey in Bardstown, Kentucky has announced it has joined the portfolio of Sazerac's 375 Park Avenue Spirits in Louisville, Kentucky. Full details are below.

Louisville, KY  375 Park Avenue Spirits, a division of the Sazerac Company, is pleased to announce its national partnership with Misunderstood Whiskey as they expand distribution across the U.S. beginning October 1st, 2020. The partnership comes on the heels of Misunderstood Whiskey’s success in its hometown market and growing national demand for its Ginger Spiced Whiskey. Under this agreement, 375 Park Avenue Spirits and Sazerac Company’s Bond and Royal craft division will assume responsibility for all sales, distribution, and will support the brand’s marketing efforts. This partnership marks the next phase of growth for Misunderstood Whiskey and adds another innovative brand to 375 Park Avenue Spirits as they strategically scale their portfolio of premium spirits.

“Misunderstood is a brand that’s in the early stages of its life cycle and that youthful exuberance permeates from the brand and is central to what creates such a loyal base of consumer evangelists. The success that Chris and JD have been able to achieve in that brief window is a testament to the strength of the brand and the stewardship they’ve provided,” said Jason Schladenhauffen, president and CEO of 375 Park Avenue Spirits.  “The meteoric rise of the category is well documented and we feel strongly that this brand is ripe to become one of the next rising stars.”

Misunderstood Whiskey started as a kitchen recipe by childhood friends, JD Recobs and Chris Buglisi. The duo quickly realized how unique their product was as it drew growing attention from a widely diverse audience, many of whom were newly converted whiskey drinkers after trying their Ginger Spiced Whiskey. Misunderstood is an American whiskey blended with all natural ginger for a mellow finish while maintaining the integrity of the whiskey. In addition to being enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Misunderstood Whiskey’s early success can be attributed to its versatility in premium cocktails and regard as a fun tool for bartenders.

“We’re extremely humbled to join Sazerac’s 375 Park Avenue Spirits Portfolio,” said JD Recobs, Co-Founder of Misunderstood Whiskey. “We couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to work with and are confident that 375 Park Avenue Spirits and Bond & Royal will play a major role in the continued success of Misunderstood. We’re thrilled to take our brand to the next level and share Misunderstood with the rest of the Nation. It’s going to be a lot of fun!”

“We’re excited to have partners who understand and align with our company’s vision to create the whiskey for everyone,” added Chris Buglisi, Co-Founder of Misunderstood Whiskey.  “With 375 Park Avenue Spirits and Sazerac’s infrastructure behind Misunderstood, we can focus on product innovation, brand strategy, and connecting more with our amazing customers who are the backbone of the brand.”

About 375 Park Avenue Spirits:

375 Park Avenue Spirits specializes in the premium- to luxury-spirit categories and our portfolio includes numerous expressions from leading international producers.  Founded as Luctor International, LLC in 1981, 375 Park Avenue Spirits joined the Sazerac Company in early 2015 to act as an independent, yet fully integrated sales and marketing affiliate. The company is known today for creating an environment of growth for supplier partners in the domestic market for renown brands like Van Gogh Vodka from Holland, Sobieski Vodka from Poland, Cutty Sark Blended Scotch, J.P. Wiser’s Canadian Whisky, Paul John Single Malt Whisky from India, Scapegrace Gin from New Zealand, Novo Fogo Cachaca and many others. For more information on 375 Park Avenue Spirits, please visit

About Sazerac: 

Sazerac is one of America’s oldest family owned, privately held distillers with operations in the United States in Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, Tennessee, Maine, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Maryland, California, and global operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, India, Australia and Canada. For more information on Sazerac, please visit

About Misunderstood Whiskey: 

Starting from a kitchen recipe by two childhood friends, JD Recobs & Chris Buglisi, Misunderstood Whiskey is an American Whiskey, aged in American oak barrels, blended with all natural ginger, and bottled at 80 proof in Bardstown, Kentucky. Misunderstood Whiskey’s award winning Ginger Spiced Whiskey is approachable for rookies, yet complex enough for whiskey connoisseurs. With a refreshingly smooth ginger finish, Misunderstood Whiskey can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail. For more information on Misunderstood Whiskey, please visit and follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram (@misunderstoodwhiskey).

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