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Monday Night Brewing Releases New Sensation Experimental Sour IPA

Monday Night Brewing Releases New Sensation Experimental Sour IPA

Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, Georgia has announced its newest Hop Hut release, which is an experimental fruited sour IPA called New Sensation. Full details are below.

Our Brewmaster Peter Kiley has been on the hunt for a more efficient way to make sours at our West Midtown location. Because as big as some people think we are, we’re still a pretty small operation and kettle souring can be time consuming.

The answer came in the form of Lachancea Thermotolerans, a yeast first discovered by grad students in a North Carolina graveyard (yeah, it may sound weird, but it’s actually pretty metal). This yeast is unique in its ability to create both ethyl and lactic acid without bacteria. Because while bacteria is good for sour beer, if not contained, it can contaminate EVERYTHING (which is why we have the Garage series).

Since the Hop Hut series is all about experimentation and exploring the world of IPAs, we knew we had to try our hand at making a Sour IPA for the series. Plus, we have another chance to explore the unique flavors hops produce when in the presence of acidity.
From there, we picked Mosaic Cryo, because we LOVE cryo. And like its name, Mosaic hops have a complex profile, though their usually known for berry—particularly blueberry—aromas. But it also has been described as having notes of mango, stone fruit, bubblegum, tropical, pine, and the list goes on.

Next, we added fruit, and raspberries were an obvious choice because of their tartness. Then, we paired it with blueberries to enhance the notes of the Mosaic hops.

The result is a sour IPA with flavors of vanilla, earthy rosehips, blueberry skin, and tart raspberries.

It’s surprisingly crushable for an 8% ABV beer, and guaranteed to give you some new sensations if you aren't careful.

New Sensation is a taproom-only release available today at the Garage and West Midtown!