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Monkey Wrench Brewing and Distillery Announces Grand Expansion

Experience the new facilities at Monkey Wrench Brewing & Distillery in Gwinnett County. Discover innovative brews, spirits and cocktails, and explore a diverse range of flavors and enjoy a unique tiki bar experience.

Monkey Wrench Brewing and Distillery Announces Grand Expansion

Gwinnett County's craft beverage scene is undergoing a dynamic transformation as Monkey Wrench Brewing and Distillery, nestled at the heart of the region, sets an impressive new benchmark. This family-founded establishment, led by Wayne and his son Brock, has transitioned from its roots in a homebrewing club to a pioneering force in the craft beer and spirits landscape. Their dedication and fervor have culminated in an astounding expansion that promises to redefine Atlanta and Gwinnett's craft beer and spirits experience.

Brewing a New Chapter

From humble beginnings in the New London Brew Club, Wayne and Brock's passion for brewing has blossomed into a professional venture that is creating waves. Monkey Wrench Brewing's commitment to excellence has led to numerous awards and recognition, propelling their journey to larger-scale brewing and innovative distillation. Now, with unyielding enthusiasm, they have unveiled a monumental expansion that is poised to revolutionize the craft beverage industry in the Atlanta and Gwinnett regions.

The brewery's transformation is marked by a significant leap in scale. Formerly operating on a modest three-barrel system, Monkey Wrench Brewing has now embraced a substantial 20-barrel three-vessel brewhouse, accompanied by an impressive fleet of 12 fermentation tanks. This strategic move not only increases their production capacity but also ensures a stronger presence of Monkey Wrench beers in local bars and restaurants.

A Palette of Flavors

However, this expansion isn't just about quantity; it's about diversity and innovation. Monkey Wrench Brewing is dedicated to offering an eclectic range of experimental brews alongside beloved classics such as NEIPA’s, West Coast IPA’s, Sours, Stouts, Porters, and Belgium Ales. Excitingly, the brewery is also poised to introduce refreshing lighter lagers to their repertoire, catering to a wider range of palates.

Crafting Distinct Spirits

The evolution doesn't stop at brewing. Monkey Wrench's spirits journey has also taken a leap forward. Outgrowing their initial 20-gallon tank, they now proudly house a substantial 500-gallon copper pot still with an advanced eight-plate 12” column. This impressive setup has empowered them to craft an array of spirits, including rum, gin, vodka, and whiskey, inviting patrons to embark on a new tasting adventure.

Precision and Expertise

Monkey Wrench Brewing and Distillery's expansion journey has been facilitated by MW Control Solutions (, a globally recognized automation expert. Renowned for their precision and consistency, MW Control Solutions has a prestigious client roster that features esteemed brands like Jameson and Bushmills in Ireland. The partnership with MW Control Solutions aligns seamlessly with Monkey Wrench's vision for expansion.

Creating Memorable Experiences

To accommodate their remarkable growth, the establishment has constructed a spacious 24 by 24-foot walk-in cooler, meticulously designed to house their growing collection of kegs and cans. Against this backdrop stands a captivating 26-foot tiki bar, exuding the inviting essence of the Hawaiian Islands. Beyond serving exceptional brews and spirits, this tiki bar is poised to become a hub for special events and signature Monkey Wrench cocktails, amplifying the overall experience for visitors.

A Slushie Sensation

Enthusiasts of the slushie trend are in for a treat at Monkey Wrench. The establishment offers an enticing range of flavors such as apricot, coconut, and mango, skillfully blended with their in-house crafted rum and vodka. These slushies have already become the talk of the town, and the excitement doesn't end there. Wayne and Brock are thrilled to introduce a collection of craft cocktails to the growing Monkey Wrench family, promising even more delectable options for patrons to enjoy.

A Paradigm Shift

In essence, Monkey Wrench Brewing and Distillery's expansion represents more than just growth; it signifies a profound evolution. Every visitor can now experience their boundless passion, unwavering commitment and relentless innovation firsthand. Cheers to the exciting journey ahead filled with delightful brews, captivating cocktails and unforgettable moments at Monkey Wrench Brewing & Distillery.